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The inverter module for the Backlight Unit is not built in. C Max. Note 2 The temperature of panel surface should be 0? C Min. Note 2 Specified values are for lamp Refer to 3.

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The inverter module for the Backlight Unit is not built in. Unit Horizontal H Note 1 Note 1 Please refer to the attached drawings for more information of front and back outline dimensions. Ta 40? C Max. Note 2 The temperature of panel surface should be 0? C Min. Unit Power Supply Voltage Vcc Note 2 Specified values are for lamp Refer to 3.

Value Typ. White Pattern b. Black Pattern Active Area 3. C Note 2 The voltage that must be larger than Vs should be applied to the lamp for more than 1 second after startup. Otherwise, the lamp may not be turned on normally.

Note 3 The lamp frequency may produce interference with horizontal synchronization frequency from the display, which might cause line flow on the display. In order to avoid interference, the lamp frequency should be detached from the horizontal synchronization frequency and its harmonics as far as possible. Note 6 The waveform of the voltage output of inverter must be area-symmetric and the design of the inverter must have specifications for the modularized lamp.

The performance of the Backlight, such as lifetime or brightness, is greatly influenced by the characteristics of the DC-AC inverter for the lamp. All the parameters of an inverter should be carefully designed to avoid producing too much current leakage from high voltage output of the inverter. When designing or ordering the inverter please make sure that a poor lighting caused by the mismatch of the Backlight and the inverter miss-lighting, flicker, etc.

If the above situation is confirmed, the module should be operated in the same manners when it is installed in your instrument. Lamp frequency may produce interface with horizontal synchronous frequency and as a result this may cause beat on the display.

Therefore lamp frequency shall be as away possible from the horizontal synchronous frequency and from its harmonics in order to prevent interference. Requirements for a system inverter design, which is intended to have a better display performance, a better power efficiency and a more reliable lamp.

It shall help increase the lamp lifetime and reduce its leakage current. The ideal sine wave form shall be symmetric in positive and negative polarities. Channel E3 even Ground Not connection, should open. VCOM Control, should open. Note 2 Mating Connector Part No. Note 4 Input signal of even and odd clock should be the same timing. The higher the binary input, the brighter the color.

The table below provides the assignment of color versus data input. Otherwise, this module would operate abnormally. When the backlight turns on before the LCD operation of the LCD turns off, the display may, instantly, function abnormally.

The following items should be measured under the test conditions described in 7. Typ — 0. Note 5 Measurement Setup: Gray 0 The LCD module should be stabilized at given temperature for 20 minutes to avoid abrupt temperature change during measuring.

In order to stabilize the luminance, the measurement should be executed after lighting Backlight for 20 minutes in a windless room. The dust and oil may cause electrical short or worsen the polarizer. C may reduce the display quality. For example, the response time will become slowly, and the starting voltage of CCFL will be higher than room temperature.

It may cause electrical shock while assembling with inverter. Do not disassemble the module or insert anything into the Backlight unit. In case of contact with hands, skin or clothes, it has to be washed away thoroughly with soap.





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