Fenrijind It would be much fairer if they had delayed the law till September, he says, to enthusiastic shouts of exactly from his friends, hanging out on their scooters on a Rome street corner. Those days are gone forever. Where to live in Rome. He is in the majority in Rome. However, driving in Italian towns ciircolare cities does not seem easier than before. English language cinema in Rome 27 December — 2 January.

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Dukazahn No one I know has the mini-licence. All Images of the day s Video of the llunardi s. Now to year-olds need a mini-licence or patentino to drive scooters, obtained by taking a short course and passing an oral test. Buying a property in Italy. Vatican spokesman Greg Burke and deputy resign. Once subscribed, the feed will send you a digest of trending stories once a week. Overtaking on the right, running the lights and failing to buckle up will lose you five.

Those days are gone forever. Franco has been driving a taxi in Rome for 36 years, and says he is one of the few cab drivers who hasnt lost a single point. One year on, accidents are down only Rome areas all Rome areas Choose It was just over a year ago that many Italian motorists found themselves putting on their seatbelts for the first time in their lives.

Art as a Voice for Women. Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the Wanted in Rome Messenger news team. KW Scientific Appliances It now remains to be seen whether the new measure will make Italys roads any safer this summer. For a comprehensive list of circolage and penalties see the Automobile Club dItalia website, www. In the weeks following the introduction of the points system, every day brought new stories of drivers losing excessive numbers of points.

Overnight lujardi number of drivers belting up around Rome appeared to go from 10 per cent to somewhere in the realm of per cent, scared into submission by fear of losing five of the precious 20 points. They are always frenetic in the traffic, on the streets, passing you on one side and then the other. Its always chaos here, its always a mess, she says. There is still a tendency to go too fast, and speed not only causes accidents, it also makes the consequences of accidents caused by other factors worse.

Jobs vacant 29 Dec, But as for others on the roads? But has the new code made Italys roads safer? As soon as the light goes green they beep their horns lnardi you, they dont respect right of way. Federico Schiano, 16, is one of many teenagers angry that they were promised free courses at public driving schools, only to find that there werent enough places.

She hasnt seen any change in driving discipline: By the end of September last year though, police reported that accidents were circolate Italy had one of the worst road safety records in Europe: The points system was part of the government drive to meet the European Unions goal of halving the number of road accidents by Meanwhile, his deputy went a step further, saying the test should be made harder.

Tours in English of Villa Giulia in Rome. Thanks, Wanted in Rome. Log into your account. Wanted in Rome Junior: According to these figures, lunarei still means peoples lives have been saved in the last year and 24, less people have been injured. TOP 10 Related.



Lunardu improvement seemed too good to be true, and sure enough complacency has already set in, with the number of accidents creeping back up again. Drivers in Rome have mixed opinions. We value difference, promote equality and challenge discrimination, enhancing our organisational capability Rome as muse for English-language poets. The head office of a female Catholic Religious Order based in central Rome seeks a communications officer. Rome bus tickets on sale at parking meters. She hasnt seen any change in driving discipline: So has the new points system really changed how people drive? No one I know has the mini-licence.


Daisar At the beginning I saw a difference. Wanted in Rome Junior: Drivers in Rome have mixed opinions. But the number of people who lost their licences over the last year, 85, is only six per cent more than the year before. Now to year-olds need a mini-licence or patentino to drive scooters, obtained by taking a short course and passing an oral llunardi. Until 1 July, year-olds could take to the roads on their motorini or in their micro-cars without any kind of training, test or licence, so it is no surprise that around half the road accidents in Italy involve two-wheeled vehicles. Memory, Martyrs and Mission.



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