A cute, quick read. I suddenly remembered Jacqueline Wilson and just had to read some book of hers. I absolutely adored her books when I was younger and I think every child should read her books growing up. I loved the progression of Lizzies character and how Jacqueline Wilson tackles sensitive topics. One of the reasons I remember liking her books so much was because she tackled grown-up issues about the trials and trepidations of becoming a teenager, as well as the worries and mixture of hormonal feelings we all remember going through.

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He kept trying to m a k e friends with me. I decided not to say a word to anyone. I felt stained and small and different in the car with S a m and Rory and Jake. They came to fetch us and help us with all our l u g g a g e. You can play football with Rory. J a k e looked as if he minded a lot.

Not with all my Beanie Babies and their special beds. J a k e had thirteen shoe boxes with paper tissues for bedcovers. M u m acted like she thought this was sweet. I thought it was stupid. They could just end up in her bed.

I stood close to M u m. She knew I wanted to share her bedroom. But she had S a m now. My computer can easily fit into our bedroom. Or purple? S a m painted the walls purple and M u m bought red-and-purple checked curtains and a matching duvet. S a m bought a real little red armchair and a purple fluffy rug. W h a t do you say, Lizzie? W h a t about your toys? Shall we spread them around a bit? They all fitted neatly in a drawer. I wished I still had Flying Barbie but she got left behind when we ran a w a y from that first stepdad.

I hope she managed to fly out the window a w a y from him. I wished it was time to leave this second stepdad. I was still waiting for the shouting to start. I was sure he was just pretending to be kind. M a y b e he really was kind. He stuck one of his Manchester United posters up on my bedroom wall.


Lizzie Zipmouth

It was just starting to get light. I sat up in bed and looked at Mum. Her hair was spread out over the pillow. I wish I had lovely long hair like Mum. Sometimes she lets me brush and comb it.


How well do you know Lizzie zip mouth?




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