Well, not exactly sweet, because it dealt with some very practical themes. The h Giselle is an aristocrat on a downward spiral financially and also with regards to her social standing , with a brother who thinks nothing of offering her to men, if he could get something out of it. And she has this one tapestry - an heirloom of sorts that she inherited from her forefathers, with a rather romantic story attached to it. Since she has nothing else to part with to This was a short and sweet read Since she has nothing else to part with to halt her descent into poverty, she believes she can sell this one last memento of her past life to help her debt-ridden brother and perhaps, salvage her own pride. Plus, the stories are layered, well researched and have actual depth and meaningful metaphors e.

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Penguin Books Ltd. Penguin Books India Pvt. Penguin Books South Africa Pty. This is a work of fiction. The publisher does not have control over and does not have any responsibility for author third-party websites or their content. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission.

Purchase only authorized editions. I have received many letters from readers asking when this would happen, and now here it is. Andreas is a member of the Hanseatic League who has been nurturing a long love for a woman he met in his youth.

As the story opens, she reenters his life in a desperate bid to save her wastrel of brother, and the sensual tension crackles immediately. Intrigue, secrets, danger, and a long-unrequited love—all that and more will be found in this novella. Although I write in another time period now—the early nineteenth century—my voice has not changed. Nor has the way I build characters and stories. So if you enjoy this story, I think that you will also like my current series, The rarest Blooms.

And Dangerous in Diamonds, the fourth book in the series, will be released on April 26, A sneak preview of Dangerous in Diamonds can be found at the end of this novella. Dangerous in Diamonds features one of my most compelling heroes, the incorrigible Duke of Castleford. Readers have been writing to me asking for his story ever since he first appeared in the series. So sit back and enjoy An Interrupted Tapestry. I am thrilled to be transporting you to another time and place, and to be introducing you to two of my favorite characters and their beautiful love story.

Happy reading! One Giselle had ample time to practice swallowing her pride. She came to know his carved furniture very well and memorized every image in the four tapestries adorning his walls. Occasionally, she paused to gaze through the unshuttered windows at the yard surrounded by stables and storage buildings.

As a member of the Hanseatic League, the network of Germanic traders whose famous cogs plied the northern seas, Andreas von Bremen was no ordinary merchant. Which was why she had come. She strove to quell not only her pride but her growing resentment. For that reason alone, he might be more gracious and not keep her waiting so long.

They had an old friendship, too. That should count for something, even if they had not spoken in four years. Irritation spiked again, colored by disappointment and hurt. She itched to stride right out of this house. A deeper emotion kept her waiting. She had to see this through.

Andreas was her only hope. If he refused her, she had nowhere else to turn, and her brother would be lost to her. Boot steps on the stairs and voices speaking lowly penetrated the noise rolling in from the yard. She swung around. The short one of middle years, the one wearing a richly tucked and embroidered robe and a hat festooned with drapery, did not interest her. The other one, the young one of commanding height and lean strength, with thick dark hair and beautiful blue eyes, riveted her attention.

Other than distant glimpses in the city, she had not seen him in a long time. She had forgotten how easy it was to smile whenever he arrived. Even now, despite her worries and pique, the old joy sparkled through her.

As he escorted his guest through the hall, Andreas became aware of her. He glanced over and the light of recognition flared.

She suddenly realized who the other man was. The Venetian galleys had arrived in London a few days ago, and he must be one of the powerful traders from that city.

The Venetian took his leave. Andreas stood at the threshold, watching until the horse trotted through the gate. He turned his attention to her. The lights of his youth still sparked in them, but other, deeper ones did, too. At twenty Andreas had possessed good humor despite his natural reserve. Now, ten years later, his silence had grown more complex. And dangerous. It made no sense, but she could not escape the sensation. As the pause stretched, she grew increasingly unsettled.

My man said that a woman was here. He did not explain that it was you. You could hardly ask your guest to wait while you spoke to me. Giselle realized that she had arrived during some very special trading. It was rumored that Andreas had come to London to negotiate a new marriage. Not with an English family, it appeared. He was looking for a more ambitious match than that and had timed his visit to coincide with the galleys from Venice.

It appeared he was about to make the dream a reality. Small wonder he had kept her waiting. He moved two chairs to the windows on the side of the hall that faced the garden.

He came back to her. I am happy to see you. It has been too long. Something in his manner made her want to make a quick retreat. This was the Andreas she had known so well, but also an Andreas she had never met. His hand almost touched her back as the other gestured to the chairs. With a phantom embrace, he guided her to the window. A prickle of excitement and caution scurried up her spine. Soft northern light gently illuminated the face that she knew well.

Many times she had admired at close range the square jaw and straight, feathering eyebrows. None of the details had changed, but the countenance had. Youthful softness used to mute its chiselled severity but no longer did.

Mature precision revealed the intelligent, shrewd mind of the man who owned it. Despite the change, for an instant it was like old times. They might have been sitting together in her own home, by her windows, during one of his visits to the city. When he was younger and his trading brought him to London, he did not live in this grand house, but in hers, as a guest and friend of her brother, Reginald.

The joy sparkled again, reminding her of how much she had enjoyed his company back then. It had been thus from the first time Reginald brought him home and announced that he would use the tiny, spare chamber that jutted out over the street.

They had formed a quick bond during that first visit. Over the years the connection had grown deep and steady and full of unspoken understanding. And then, abruptly, four years ago, Andreas had severed the link to Reginald, the house, and her. Remembering that insult made the joy disappear. You are as beautiful as ever.

It appeared that with his success and wealth he had assumed courtly airs. It did not help that at twenty-eight she was no longer as beautiful as ever. The first bloom of youth had passed, and she knew it. You also appear well, and happy in your success. I always knew that you would rise high in the Hanse. Its cut and fabric spoke of his ascending status, just as her worn, mended blue gown revealed how debased her own had become.

Her gaze moved back up and met his. Her breath caught as the years fell away. She might have been seeing him at her threshold, so familiar was what passed between them.


An Interrupted Tapestry




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