By Marc Allen The law of attraction - how to use the mental and physical abilities we were born with to create wealth and success - is wonderful to know, but many who have discovered this "secret" still lead miserable lives. The Greatest Secret of All clearly explains this law of manifestation but then takes it a quantum leap further, revealing what is truly important in life. We have what we need within us to do what we love, to be the people we dream of being, and to become completely fulfilled along the way - to become, as Abraham Maslow put it, self-actualized. We also have the capability, here and now, to create a world that works for everyone.

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Marc Allen Interview April 19, 22 Today I have a special treat for you — an exclusive interview with multi-millionaire Marc Allen. These are some of my all-time favorite books. Additionally, Marc is an accomplished musician and co-founder of Watercourse Media.

Yet despite these significant accomplishments, Marc will be the first to admit that he is definitely NOT a type-A workaholic. He sleeps until 11am. Instead of putting in long hours at the office, he uses the power of intention, visualization, and affirmation to attract what he wants. So I was delighted to have the opportunity to interview Marc in connection with this conscious manifestation experiment. Why did you intend to become a millionaire?

What was your motivation? I always knew that being a millionaire was not all that important — there are far more things that are far more important, such as family, friends, and doing what you love to do in life. I knew early on that the most important thing for me was to do what I loved to do in my life, and make that work somehow. And it always has. That bit of knowledge has served me very well. Kent Nerburn said a brilliant thing about money in his book Letters to My Son : Money is central to our lives.

Yet money is not of central importance. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the lasting values that make life worth living. This is good to keep in mind, always. It helps us keep money in the proper perspective. It is a very, very good servant but a terrible master. That being said, I realized in my early thirties that being a millionaire is a very good goal.

My motivation for that goal was simple: It dawned on me one day that I wanted to write books and write and record music, and be successful enough to continue to do it for the rest of my life — and doing what I love to do is far easier with substantial reserves in liquid assets than it is with no money.

So I decided to become a millionaire. That became a clear goal in my mind. When you make a clear goal, and when you remind yourself of it enough so that your subconscious mind grasps it, an amazing, mysterious thing happens. Some part of you starts working backwards from that number, and finding how to achieve it.

And once you start asking that question, you start getting answers. What does it take to become a millionaire today? There are just as many opportunities today as there were a generation ago, and a hundred years ago. Within every problem is an opportunity. Even in the knocks of life, we can find great gifts. When you understand those words, it completely turns your thinking around.

You start to see benefits, opportunities, and gifts everywhere! What prevents people from attracting greater wealth into their lives? Our own doubts and fears are the only things that prevent us from attracting greater wealth or achieving any expansive goal.

The vast majority of the work it takes to succeed is internal — dealing with our doubts and fears. Our deepest beliefs about ourselves and the nature of our world are not true in themselves, but our thinking makes them true in our experience. We can change our thinking and change even our deepest core beliefs. Everyone has gifts they were born with. In your book The Millionaire Course , why do you recommend adding certain phrases to intentions i.

I read about the power of affirmations years ago, in a book by Catherine Ponder , a Unity Church minister. I am now writing a successful book…. I am now creating a beautiful album of music…. I am now getting into real estate, and finding a starter house to buy…. This is not just theory — this is true in my experience, and in the experience of a great many others. What is The Ten Percent Solution , and why do you recommend it?

Start now. A good way to begin is to set up two checking accounts. Over time, it really adds up. But get into the habit of saving! At first, you may have to cheat a bit and go into your savings to pay your monthly expenses. Then you start investing it for a better return in stocks, bonds, real estate. The benefits of this simple act are tremendous, for yourself and for the world. As Charles Colton said, If universal charity prevailed, Earth would be a heaven, and hell a fable.

What role, if any, has meditation played in your experience of wealth creation? Meditation has played a major role in my life and in my success. When you do it, you find — even if just for a moment at first — that stillness that is beyond thought. The benefits of this are endless, for everyone.

Another simple way to get into this meditation is something I learned from a Zen teacher: Just stare at something, or close your eyes, and let all thought go as you exhale. For one exhalation, anyone can let their thoughts go, at least for a moment.

Do it over and over, and you can learn at will to go beyond the constant stream of thoughts that most of us have throughout the day. This has been invaluable to me over the years: I imagined myself, over and over — even way back when I was a total poverty case — living a life of ease, strolling around my big white house on a hill, with nothing to do, sitting on several million worth of assets.

I visualized this repeatedly, and it came true in my life. With every project I set out to do, I visualize its completion. I see it finished, and successful.

Then the steps I need to take to make it happen become obvious. Along the way, an intention forms that overcomes every apparent obstacle. What does your typical workday look like? I sleep usually until about , and take a few hours to get up and get going. Tuesday through Friday, I usually go into my office; I get there usually between and I never work over thirty focused hours a week.

By Tuesday afternoon, I am ready to rock! I come into the office energized, whip through a few hundred emails, and take care of what needs to be done to keep my publishing company, New World Library, growing and blossoming, and to launch my new enterprise, SuccessWithEase.

What do you believe is the relationship between wealth and spirituality? Is there a connection between the two? For years I feared that the pursuit of wealth would hamper my spiritual life, distract me from my spiritual path; that was one of the limiting beliefs I had that prevented me from succeeding.

There is no conflict between wealth and spirituality, unless you create it in your mind. I can pursue financial success and still have plenty of time as well for my spiritual life. Teilhard de Chardin said one of my favorite quotes, We are not physical beings who may have a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

We are physical beings with physical needs, emotional beings with emotional needs, mental beings with the power to fulfill our needs, and spiritual beings, every moment. Acknowledging the spiritual in ourselves and in others gives us purpose in life, and puts everything into the proper perspective.

We are not here just to become wealthy, isolated individuals. We are part of a great, mysterious, wondrous whole, and we are here to love and serve ourselves, humanity, and the whole planet, the whole environment.

The single most brilliant phrase I ever heard was from Ramana Maharshi, one of the greatest teachers in India in the last century. He said: The end of all wisdom is love, love, love. What advice would you give to participants in the Million Dollar Experiment i.

Go for it! Go for your highest dreams. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. If you keep intending to be successful, each failure is just another stepping stone on your way to your inevitable success.

What projects are you working on now that may be of interest to participants in the Million Dollar Experiment? The Millionaire Course remains my main work — I put everything I know into that book. My music is always a big part of my life, too. And best wishes for the greatest success you can possibly imagine.

SP: Thank you so much, Marc. Your continued success is an inspiration to us all!


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