Biography[ edit ] Balakumaran was born in Pazhamarneri village near Thirukattupalli in Thanjavur district on 5 July He is married to Kamala and Santha. They have daughter Gowri and son Venkataraman aka surya. Balakumaran died at the age of 71 due to prolonged illness in a private hospital on 15 May This created a deep interest in Tamil literature which made literature his passion.

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Shelves: tamil-fiction Phew what a breath taking novel. Mostly dealing on people personality and how things get perceived from each people stands. When I read ponniyin selvan I could not appreciate the creativity of Kalki since I felt most of it to be historical facts.

But on reading this book I get to know the strength of creativity of both kalki and balakumaran. The book makes me time travel and brings me the experience of having lived during the period. The novel starts with the main plot and one can very well Phew what a breath taking novel.

The novel starts with the main plot and one can very well understand that all six parts are going to be about raja raja cholan building big temple of tanjore. But how much difficulty king would have faced not many would have thought through, the thought itself is worth great appreciation. The novel is very different in portraying the politics within family in thoughts and deeds, it also gives importance to other sides of life eg.

But atlast what stands out is the planning and thought process of just starting work on temple. If just the beginning requires so much thoughts, what would it have taken to continue and finish it. Of course balakumaran sir has done the difficult part of writing it out in six other books but I cant wait to read all six to know the answer.

But I dont want the short answer too since I would want to travel and submerge in the period through other parts. What a dilemma Thanks bharathan for making me get interested into this book and prabhu for lending me the book


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This novel is in six parts. Each and every part of the novel will drag us to the cholas period. He has written the novel in such a superb manner no one can turn his face from the novel. If we take the book in hands we wont leave it down until we finish.





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