Starcow zabili a mlodych Kaliasa i matke wzieto to niewoli. Ojca nie pojmali ani nie zabili. Na targu zostali sprzedani - matka do bogacza pod Neapol a Kaliasa Waryniuszowi. Kalias bardzo kochal matke i obiecal ja ze ja odnajdzie.

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Spartacus was born about BC. Enjoying the Roman legion as a teenager. Spartacus hated being part of this group so he decided to leave and find something more interesting.

Like all people who left he was found. So of course he got punished by being sold into slavery and soon sent to become a gladiator. So Spartacus rose up and demanded freedom. To do this happen he made a plan to escape from gladiator school. He and sixty- nine other slaves took weapons from the school and knives from the kitchen and set up a camp. Romans were afraid that Spartacus will free all slaves so they sent another army after them.

Spartacus and his followers defeated that Army. Many other battles took place after this one. One of the battles was started when the praetor, Clodius was sent out with three- thousand soldiers to fight Spartacus and his team.

To fight this battle Spartacus and his team cut off branches twisted them and made a ladder. From then they climbed a cliff and were able to sneak up behind and attack the Roman soldiers. Soon though Rome then sent out the praetor, Plublius Varinus. Soon he found him, defeating him and taking his horse. Spartacus won almost all of his battles and is now known for some of the battles he fought. Spartacus was one of the most famous ancient gladiators.

Gladiators are armed men typically captured from war, or sometimes they would misbehave and get punished. They would fight wild animals or other gladiators to their death. People from all over Rome came to watch the fights. Even if your were poor you could attend the games because they were paid for by the emperor. Gladiators were fierce fighters who risked their lives for a good fight for the people of Rome.

This colossal structure is a massive marvel of engineering One important one is when Spartacus decided to drop out of the Roman legion, he knew there would be harsh punishments but he still did it. He also blame a gladiator and fought to the deaths because he had no choice. Spartacus escaped the gladiator school without anyone noticing.

He led the slave revolt even though he knew there would be many fierce battles. And most of all he fought for what he believed was right. He was in a Battle defeating a Roman troop to gain freedom.

He died along with six thousand other slaves. Without his leadership the revolt fell apart. He died four years after he had escaped. First, Spartacus escaped with some of the seventy others gladiators in Capua, Italy. Spartacus and his followers, who some had never fought as soldiers before, won at least nine major battles against Roman armies.

Also, Within a few months of escaping Spartacus had an army of over ten thousand men. And within a year he had more than forty thousand. He is remembered in different ways. He was one of a few, at his time, that stood up for his people. After he died though he was not forgotten. In there was a play based on a slave leader. This slave leader was Spartacus, and the play got many people interested in this topic. To this day Spartacus is a symbol for the poor, working people, and most of all, for freedom.

He has changed the world in little ways. Some which are too small to even notice. World History: Ancient Civilizations. After people herd about Spartacus there were many different books that developed from him. Howard Fast made a novel about Spartacus and his revolt. An Italian writer Raffaello Giovagnoli wrote a historical novel, Spartacus, in This novel has been translated and published in many European countries.

This film was called Spartacus and was made in It was executive-produced by and starred Kirk Douglas. It was directed by Stanley Kubrick. An interesting fact is that the phrase "I am Spartacus! One music album was called Spartacus that was first staged in as a ballet, with a composer Aram Khachaturian. Then there was an Australian composer Carl Vine wrote a short piano piece called Spartacus.

A German group Triumvirat released the album Spartacus in Well he got luck at some points of his life. First, he never got defeated at gladiator school. Also, He won the battle the Romans fought against him. He was really lucky to never get caught while escaping from gladiator school. And Finally, he became a and powerful large Legion and stayed together with his team.


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