Yamaha RX-V - page 4 En 4 Check the supplied items Check that the following accessories are supplied with this product. The unit is also equip ped with input jacks on the front panel which allow you easily connect and enjoy game consoles, camcorders and USB devices, and so on TV audio is in put when ARC is used p. All settings needed before use are completed here.

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Yamaha RX-V - page 4 En 4 Check the supplied items Check that the following accessories are supplied with this product. The unit is also equip ped with input jacks on the front panel which allow you easily connect and enjoy game consoles, camcorders and USB devices, and so on TV audio is in put when ARC is used p.

All settings needed before use are completed here. Enjo y playing movies, music, radio, etc. Gen er al se tup pro ce dure 1 Speaker la yout p. Yamaha RX-V - page 12 En 12 Select the speaker layout depending on t he numbers of speaker s, and then place the speakers and subwoofer with a built-in ampl ifier in the room. The following section describes the representative sp eaker configuration of 2. Yamaha RX-V - page 13 En 13 5. Here are connections of 5.

If you sele ct another channel speaker lay out, con nect speakers while referring to the connection of 5. Use jacks an d cable s appropriate for devices. Use an HDMI cable for connection. Using an HDMI cable less than 5. The video signals input to the unit are output to the TV. TV audio can also be output from the unit. The recommended way to connect a TV varies depending on types and functi ons of video input jacks on the TV. Select how to connect the TV to the unit while referring to the TV manual.

For details o n how to confirm, r efer to manual of the TV. When i t is not selected, select the correc t input source manually. TV : Whethe r the video signa ls from the playback de vices are displaye d on t Connect them to the appropriate output jacks on the playback devices.

Input jacks of the unit A V are differ ent depending on the audio input jacks of the video devices. By selecting input source with the A V key , audio and vid eo of Yamaha RX-V - page 23 En 23 1 Complete the conn ections for e xternal devices such as a TV and playbac k device , the power cable an d so on, and then tur n on the unit and the TV.

Be sure to stop the device an d turn down the volume before connecting it to the unit. It takes approximately 3 minutes to finish this measurement. The following display appears. The red-box indicates the speaker that h Error message can be conf irmed an d controlled by viewing both a TV monitor and the front display. Yamaha RX-V - page 30 En 30 W arning messages Even if any warning messag e is displayed after the measurement, y ou can save the measu rement r esults.

However , we recommend tha t you perform YP AO again for the optimal speaker settings. When the unit is in st andby mode, press this key to turn it on. Default settings for Yamaha RX-V - page 33 En 33 The unit is equipped with a variety of sound programs and sound decoders. Sound programs can ma ke sounds richer , b e played on the stereo and more. Choose a sound program that sounds best with the source you ar e playing back.

Selecting suitable sound programs for mo vies p. Selecting suitable sound programs fo It allows you to easi ly create sound fields like actual movie theaters or concert halls in your room. Yamaha RX-V - page 37 En 37 Playback with out so und field eff ec ts straight decoding mode By using the straight decoding mode, sound s from each channel included in input sources are output from each speaker without sound field processing.

When 2-channel sources such as CD are selected, they are played back by stereo sound through the fr ont left and right speakers. Auto Preset starts in approximately 5 seconds after the preset number is selected. That shows this unit is receiving data or stopping receiving data. If the data is receivab le, the corresponding information is display ed after Yamaha RX-V - page 42 En 42 Combin ing audio fr om the radio with video from an e xternal device While listening to the radio, favorite videos can be output on a TV monitor.

The display on the TV monitor disappears, and then operations can be controlled by the iPod. For details on operation with the iPod, re Refer to the manual for the Bluetooth receivers or your Bluetooth devices also. In this case, at the same time with pairing, wired connection is also completed.

Yamaha RX-V - page 56 En 56 Depending on the input source, configure settings for the function related to playback. An operation for settings is possible with only the front display without using a TV monitor. Therefor e, settings can be changed easily as needed. When headphones are connected, adjusts the balance of the high-frequency range and low-frequency range of sounds output from headphones. Input sources All the setting i s applied to all i Fro nt displa y Settings C onfiguring the settings of audio output signals Sound Configuring Setting range Select a sound program of which you want to change the settings, a nd then set the parameters for each item.

The sound program is switched at this time. Memor y Guard! When using a TV that suppor ts the Audio Return Chann el function and the function is enabled, the audio input for the TV is assigned to the input source selected here. Initializing various settings for the unit Initialize various settings stored in the unit depending on the se If you have changed speakers or speaker system, per form YP AO to optimize the speaker settings again p.

Since we have small children, we want to set limitation If the problem you are experiencing is not listed below , or if the instructions below do not help, turn off the unit, disconnec t the po wer cable, and contact the nearest authorized Y amaha dealer or service cen ter.

Confirm the following points first. No appropriate input source has been selected. Select an appropria te input source with the input select ion key. Use an input source th at has signals that can be repr oduced on the unit. The mute functi on An appropriate video input is not selected on the TV.

T r y another USB de vice or iPod. There is a pr oblem with the signal path from your USB storage device to the unit. When an iPod We recommend using the following layout as a guide when placing the speakers.

However , by u sing YP AO, you can automatically optimize the speaker settings to suit your speaker layout. Yamaha RX-V - page 84 En 84 Audio inf or mation Audio and video sync hronization lip sync Lip sync, an abbr eviation for lip synchr onization, is a tech nical term that involve s both a pro blem, and the capability of maintaining audio an d video signals synchronized duri ng post-production and transmission.

Whereas the audio and video latenc y requir es complex end-u Selected as an opt ional audio standard for Blu-ray Disc, this technology delivers sound that is bit-for -bit identical to the studio mast er , of fering a high-definition home theater experi


Yamaha RX-V471 PDF manuals for download

Months have passed without seeing one then, like buses, Yamaha launches the five-model strong RX-Vx71 lineup all at once. While the flagship RX-V looks stunning on paper, I suspect this was a ruse by Yamaha just to tease us, because the RX-V turns out to be an absolute corker. They have been replaced with a slick and thoroughly contemporary, part-gloss fascia. And it is equally sleek around the back where there are just enough essential connections, such as 4-in 1-out v1. Instead all five models in the range extract raw digital audio, play lists and even display album artwork from a standard USB input. In my opinion, this more than makes up for a lack of network connectivity, delivering high-quality music-server functionality for the price of an iPod. Of course, at this price you only get five channels of amplification for Dolby and DTS 5.


Yamaha RX-V470


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