Jul 25, Zoe rated it did not like it Robert Silverbergs point of divergence for his alternate history, in which the Roman Empire never fell, is that Exodus never happened, the Jews remained in Egypt, and Jesus of Nazareth was never born. Christianity doesnt exist in this universe, and paganism remains the dominant religion. Despite what Edward Gibbons liked to think, the link between Christianisation and the collapse of Roman power in the West is tenuous at best, and most modern scholarship cites factors other than Christianity in explaining the end of the Roman Empire. This allows a relatively familiar course of events, until the divergence after Caracalla allows the Roman Empire to survive and not collapse in the fifth century. Despite the new line of emperors in the West, the Eastern Roman emperor is is still Justinian I, who is still married to Theodora.

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Nidor erwacht. Das Land der Lebenden. Die Berge von Majipoor. Lord Prestimion. Revolt on Alpha C. Der Aliens from Space. Schiedsgericht der Sterne. Griff nach dem Ganymed. Invisible Barriers. Raumstation Omega. The Plot Against Earth, Knox Lost Race of Mars. Recalled To Life. Die Kolonisten Terras. Sie stahlen seine Welt. Knox The Silent Invaders. Die Stadt unter dem Eis.

Regans Satellit. Conquerors from the Darkness. The Mask of Akhnaten. Auf zu den Hesperiden!. Planet of Death. Der Gesang der Neuronen. Flucht aus der Zukunft auch: Zeitspringer. Exil im Kosmos auch: Der Mann im Labyrinth. Gast aus der Zukunft. Nach all den Jahrmilliarden. Die Mysterien von Belzagor.

Schwingen der Nacht. Three Survived. Die Seelenbank auch: Noch einmal leben. Verbannte der Ewigkeit. Kinder der Retorte. Der zweite Trip.

Zeit der Wandlungen. Bruderschaft der Unsterblichen. Es stirbt in mir. Der Seher. Schadrach im Feuerofen. Herr der Finsternis. Project Pendulum. Briefe aus Atlantis. Die Zeit der Mutanten. Thebes of the Hundred Gates. Kingdoms of the Wall. Der positronische Mann auch: Der Jahre Mann. Die Jahre der Aliens. The Longest Way Home. Roma Eterna. Dimension Moonferns and Starsongs. The Reality Trip and Other Implausibilities. Der Erde anderer Schatten. Jetzt Plus Minus.

Jenseits der Zeit. Mit den Toten geboren. Der neutrale Planet. The Feast of St. Sunrise on Mercury. The Best of Robert Silverberg.

Ufer von Morgen. Der Held des Universums. The Best of Robert Silverberg Volume 2. The Songs of Summer. Invaders from Earth and To Worlds Beyond. A Robert Silverberg Omnibus. World of a Thousand Colors.

The Conglomeroid Cocktail Party. Beyond the Safe Zone. Reflections and Refractions. Valentine of Majipoor. Sailing to Byzantium.



Plot introduction[ edit ] The point of divergence is the failure of the Israelite Exodus from Egypt. Moses and many of the Israelites drowned, and the remnant—led by Aaron —were fetched back to slavery in Egypt , a traumatic event recorded for posterity in the Book of Aaron, an alternate version of the Bible. Later on, the Hebrews were freed from bondage, and remained a distinct religious-ethnic minority in Egypt, practicing a monotheistic religion, up to the equivalent of our 20th Century 27th Century of the Roman Calendar. Still, affairs of the larger world, the rise and fall of empires and cultures, remained roughly the same as in our history up to division of the Roman Empire here, never Christianised. At this point, mutual assistance between the Western and Eastern Roman Empires against barbarian invasions preserved both from falling and kept Roman rule intact throughout the imperial dominions. Despite the absence of Christianity, which in our history considerably influenced early Islam , Muhammad did start his prophetic career—but was assassinated by a perceptive Roman agent, nipping Islam in the bud and thus precluding the spread of any Monotheistic religion through the Roman Empire. Plot summary[ edit ] The novel is presented as a series of vignettes over a period of about years, from ab urbe condita AD to AUC AD


Roma Eterna

Nidor erwacht. Das Land der Lebenden. Die Berge von Majipoor. Lord Prestimion. Revolt on Alpha C.


Roma eterna


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