Figaro and Marcellina see Barbarina, and Figaro asks her what she is doing. Thinking that Susanna is meeting the Count behind his back, Figaro complains to his mother, and swears to be avenged on the Count and Susanna, and on all unfaithful wives. Marcellina urges caution, but Figaro will not listen. Motivated by jealousy, Figaro tells Bartolo and Basilio to come to his aid when he gives the signal. He tells a tale of how he was given common sense by "Donna Flemma" "Dame Prudence" and learned the importance of not crossing powerful people. They exit, leaving Figaro alone.

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He is unfaithful to her and chases after the employee Susanna. Susanna wants to marry Figaro and the count wants to reintroduce the right of the first night. The countess is depressed. She feels abandoned and unhappy. In the lamento Porgi amor she expresses her feelings. This aria is one of the most beautiful lyrical pieces written for soprano. Enjoy the accompaniment with the clarinets supernatural painful cantilenas. She is alone on stage and the singer has to sing the most beautiful aria of the opera without warm up.

Some singers therefore have a certain respect for this aria. Otherwise there are no technical difficulties, it is a simple Cavatina and its duration comparatively short. But as always with Mozart, the simple things are the most difficult. The aria must be sung with a beautiful legato and sometimes longer phrases must be sung in one breath. Two abrupt interjections of the wind instruments bring a painful note into the melancholy mood. They symbolize the state of despair in which the countess finds herself.

The second time with a beautiful scale upwards. This passage gives the music a supernatural brilliance: The conclusion of the aria is made by a beautiful clarinet motif. A special aspect gives the aria a seltames character: Mozart copied this lamento of the countess in a major key. This gives the aria a supernatural aura and lets the noble person of the countess appear in a painfully beautiful light.


Porgi Amor



Porgi, amor, qualche ristoro sheet music for soprano and piano


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