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Paul Vigil is a rising star in magic and mentalism and Diplopia will show you why. The spectator is invited to think of any card. They are asked to verify that the card is in the deck - and it is.

The magi also thinks of a card; verifying that it too is in the deck. The magi challenges the spectator to find the card he was merely thinking of and offers to transfer his powers to the spectator to assist them with the process. There is no forcing and no equivoque involved. When Paul Vigil showed this to me my mouth dropped open. I have never and I mean never, been so fooled by any other card location When Paul finally got tired of me begging to know the method I was even more impressed at how clever it really was.

Your nuanced mix of methods is more than just clever combination or variation. Diplopia matters. Now it can be in your tool kit. Never however has he fooled me as badly as with this effect.

I can not recommend this highly enough as I simply do not think the English language contains words of high enough praise. But I like having a few routines I can rely on that are just as strong as my memorized deck effects that I can perform with a shuffled deck.

Diplopia is one of those effects. The effect goes like this: the volunteer shuffles the deck. The card is returned fairly to the middle of the pack. The performer then thinks of a card as well, removes it, and hands the volunteer the deck so the card can be returned.

The deck is shuffled by the volunteer again. Now the performer takes the deck and removes the card he believes the volunteer is thinking of. The real kicker, though, is when performer names the card he thought of, and that the spectator freely chose, and the volunteer pulls that card from their pocket. In fact, it will require quite a bit of practice to be able to get the main principle behind the effect down smoothly and to be able to do it with confidence in a real performing environment.

Is it worth it? Oh, yes. This is diabolical. There are no forces. The cards are freely thought of and chosen. The deck is shuffled twice by the spectator--once before the performance, and once during. Any deck, any time, anywhere. This is not an effect your audience will be able to explain away with sleight of hand or anything else.

That said, for this effect to play the way it should you do need to present it properly. So on with the tips Tips First, when I perform, I always have a short card in my deck. By having a short card in your deck, you can perform Diplopia the same way as described in the book, and you can repeat the effect again during your next set without the work from the first performance affecting your next set.

Those that have already read the book will understand this. Second, while Diplopia is at its best when performed with a borrowed deck, I almost always perform it using my deck.

Look at each card and one will just stand out to you as feeling right. Keep looking through all the cards though, because you might change your mind. So take your time, look through all the cards, and then go with your gut with the card that felt right. In effect, adding this patter will make both your selections of cards look the same.

What this does is it ensures all my black cards are still in the deck. When it comes to the "force that is not a force" part of the effect I always just go with black.

In other words, the card I "choose" is always a black card. Conclusion This is one of those effects I will perform for the rest of my life. When it comes to mentalism with cards--especially a shuffled deck--Diplopia is sitting among the top contenders.

At least for me it has been. This is what card magic should like--unexplainable and engaging. It really does not get any better than this. If you ever wanted to borrow a deck of cards and perform an effect that felt like real magic, this is it. Purchase You can purchase the effect from Jamie Grant through Paypal by clicking here.


Diplopia by Paul Vigil







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