He collaborated with the vanguard theatrical group Los Goliardos, in which he played his first professional roles and met actress Carmen Maura. The magnetic strip was very poor, very thin. I remember that I became very famous in Madrid because, as the films had no sound, I took a cassette with music while I personally did the voices of all the characters, songs and dialogues". It toured the independent circuits before spending three years on the late night showing of the Alphaville Theater in Madrid.

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I always have reading and DVDs. Fictions also need a rest, it is a natural way of letting them settle so they can mature. Monalisa is Chilean and in these stories he narrates the day to day, or rather, the night to night, of a group of Latin-American trans people and transvestites who work the streets, prostituting themselves in bars and in little recommended back alleys in New York City. The American dream seen from the height of a good pair of heels which turns into a nightmare instead, an everyday nightmare.

For these biuty queens, violent death comes with the territory. They share drugs, pimps, beauty awards, syndromes and delirium, but they are a very close-knit community.

The neighbors took care of her much better than we would have. Neighbors are sacred, in the full meaning of that word. Mine is all hedonist fiction, and the stories in Las biuty queens radiate realism in every sentence. I recommend both, if you have nothing better to do. The New York Times included this book in its 20 best of the year.

Grandes is a writer and beacon of light for all of us who want to know about our current history and therefore where we come from; those very important details that the Official History in capital letters tends to obscure from us.

The reality was, naturally, very different. Almudena Grandes provides the reader with a lot of documentation in her novel, and reading it has reminded me of my own about the subject, and has provoked in me the desire to develop it, now that I have time to grant myself literary treats.

The murderer spends the rest of her life in an asylum and the novel revolves around the psychiatrists, boyfriends, girlfriends, family members, nurses, nuns, and the other mad women. You are reading correctly. Aside from the revolution that this would have brought to pass in the world of psychiatry, the Francoist psychiatrist aimed to eradicate the illness in the carriers, the reds, who were then filling up the prisons. Since I read the article, I have been wanting to develop this story about the Spanish psychiatrist whose research aimed to find the red gene in the form of a scientific fiction, but I had never found the right tone, because the reality as told is so horrific that it proves difficult to be ironic about it; and, on the other hand, in , it is impossible to deal with the subject matter and the character without using the distancing that humor allows.

After the discovery of such mind-boggling material, I invented a number of fictional characters and deliberately set aside the real ones, in order to focus on the scientific adventure and make that prevail. At that moment, I was thinking of a neorealist story but when I tried to develop the treatment I found myself incapable of doing it.

The Francoist psychiatrist is the typical Mad Doctor who investigates the Marxist gene and is prepared to sacrifice everyone who has it. That type of character I can only address from the standpoint of total fiction, with a style that is the furthest from naturalism. And to wrap up in style and cheerfully, here are a few film recommendations that will obliterate any trace of melancholy, boredom or tedium this week, sure to be one of the most difficult.

They are extraordinary U.


Patty Diphusa



Pedro Almodovar est (aussi) écrivain



Pedro Almodóvar


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