The lightrays then invoke all their wisdom and realizations in the form of countless youth Manjushris. No, not what am I saying about it, what was I actually feeling? I have not found one in my searches. We can find the place in ourselves where we have some Manjushri wisdom.

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Limitless Compassion — May all beings be free from suffering and its causes. Limitless Joy — May all beings never be separated from the great happiness that is beyond all misery. Limitless Equanimity — May all beings always dwell in equanimity, unaffected by attraction to dear ones and aversion to others.

Limitless Health — May all beings recover from the sicknesses of mind and body pollution and enjoy relative and absolute health now and forever. Limitless Ecological Regeneration — May all beings relax in a pure and healthy outer and inner environment now and forever. Limitless Peace — May all beings enjoy inner and world peace now and forever. Nine Round Breathing Meditation to Purify Our Subtle Wind Energy Sitting in the vajra posture we begin by visualizing that our gross physical body, composed of flesh, organs and bones, gradually melts into light until we are left with only a holographic image that sparkles like a rainbow.

At this point we make a vajra fist with our left hand and place it under our right armpit. With our right hand we make a vajra fist and extending the right middle finger, placing the index finger on top of it, we gently block the left nostril.

This white light absorbs into the subtle wind energy at our heart. We now block the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril in three short breaths, imagining that all our sicknesses, polluted elemental winds, inner demons and interferences, relating to the left side of the body, are expelled in the aspect of polluted black smoke.

This exercise should now be repeated on the opposite side to purify the left channel and expel all negativities relating to the right side of the body. Placing our hands in the meditation mudra and breathing evenly through both nostrils, we should visualize that all the positive and healing energy of the holy beings enter both the right and left channels and absorb into the subtle wind energy at the heart. In three short breaths, through both nostrils, we breathe out all negativities, physical and mental sicknesses, interferences, demons and polluted winds from both sides of the body.

Self Generation as Black Manjushri Everything becomes the same nature as emptiness. The lotus, wind and fire mandalas contain the essences of the five elements. These essences absorb into space. I am in a very wrathful aspect with one face and two arms. My right leg is bent and my left leg is outstretched. In my right hand with a wrathful mudra I hold the wisdom sword that eliminates all interferences, and in my left hand I hold the emanation scripture of the Kadampas and the Prajnaparamita sutra at my heart.

Half my red hair is knotted at my crown, the other half falls on my shoulders. I have a big belly and tiger skin loincloth.

I wear various wrathful bone ornaments such as a crown of five skulls and a necklace of fifty freshly cut heads. I am surrounded by fiercely blazing flames of wisdom. My root guru is above my crown in the form of Amoghasiddhi, who embodies the entire lineage. The Seven Tantric Self-Healing Exercises of Black Manjushri We should keep in mind when beginning this part of the practice that the more mantras we manage to recite the more effective the exercises will be.

We should also remember that to make the following seven exercises work well we should complete them with the Mahayana attitudes of compassion and wisdom.

Then we should rub the tips of these fingers on the soles of our feet and in the armpits. If we find in these places a black substance then we should put it on the nine entrances to the auric body listed beneath whilst repeating the action mantra. If we do not find a black substance we should imagine one. We now envisage a suit of vajra armor under our skin that protects us from any contagious diseases or pollution entering our body.

Soles of the two feet 2.


A Black Manjushri Sadhana









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