Taper-Threaded Splicing System Reduce installation time and achieve consistent performance, strength and durability For use in concrete reinforcement, nVent LENTON taper-threaded splicing systems behave as continuous lengths of reinforcing steel bars, giving you full strength in tension, compression and stress reversal applications. Our positive locking connection delivers higher tensile strength than lap splicing and provides you with full load transfer using some of the slimmest and shortest couplers available. Benefits: Enjoy quick and easy installation with no special tools or skills required Eliminate reinforcing steel bar rebar congestion and reduce concrete cover with our small-diameter design Prevent cross-threading with a positive locking, no-slip connection At nVent, our strength gives you strength in your concrete reinforcement applications. All our nVent LENTON products are specially engineered to help you reduce labor and material costs, all while keeping your projects on time, on budget and up to code.

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Ancon Tapered Thread Couplers Ancon Tapered Thread couplers are designed to suit the majority of applications which require the joining of reinforcing bars.

The bar ends are cut square and a tapered thread is cut onto the bar to accept the coupler. This is then tightened onto the bar using a calibrated torque wrench.

The bars are supported on two serrated saddles within the coupler and are locked in place by a series of lockshear bolts. Bartec Plus couplers offer a full strength connection together with enhanced fatigue resistance. They are suitable for projects of all size, including those requiring a high volume of couplers, such as road and rail bridges.

Bartec Plus is only available in the UK and Ireland. BT Stainless Steel Couplers BT Stainless Steel couplers are suitable for projects of any size where the strength of the connection is required to match or exceed that of the parent bars, including large scale, high volume coupler applications. These couplers are manufactured from 1.

The bar ends are enlarged and a parallel thread is cut onto the bar to suit the coupler, which is then tightened using a pipe or chain wrench.

This product is only available in selected territories in the Middle East. The bar ends are cut square and are marginally enlarged.

The parallel thread is then rolled onto the ends to accept the coupler and the installation is completed using a pipe or chain wrench to tighten the sleeve. This product is only available in selected territories in Mainland Europe.

Grout Sleeve Couplers Grout Sleeve couplers provide a mechanical connection for the joining of reinforcing bars end to end.

Grout Sleeve couplers are only available in the UK and Ireland. Starter Bars Starter Bars are used to provide continuity of reinforcement at construction joints and to remove the need to cut or drill the formwork. The starter bar system is based on the tapered thread coupler and consists of a threaded bar connected to a coupler and nail plate.

Tapered Thread Cryogenic Couplers The Ancon CTT range of tapered-thread couplers has been designed for use where cryogenic-grade reinforcing bar is being used. In all cases, the ends of the rebar are cut square before a tapered thread is cut onto the bar to suit the tapered thread of the coupler. The sleeve is simply tightened onto the threaded bar end using a calibrated torque wrench. Ancon Couplers are sold via approved distributors. For details of your nearest supplier please contact Ancon.

Read about the further measures we are undertaking here at Ancon. Coronavirus-related Safety Measures at Ancon 30 Mar Our primary aims are to protect our employees and the wider community, whilst maintaining service to our customers. Read about the measures we are undertaking here.


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