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Heavier than competitors with keyboard attached Screen not very colorful For business travelers, every pound carried and every inch of bag space matters.

This inch hybrid features a display that detaches from its keyboard, letting you use it as a tablet or laptop. At the upper right corner of the back of the tablet is a ThinkPad emblem with a red light over the "I" that serves as a system status indicator.

In the upper left corner is a 5-megapixel camera, and below that is a fingerprint reader. The front of the Helix 2 houses a 2-megapixel camera above the screen and a touch-sensitive Windows button on the bottom bezel.

On the top right edge of the tablet is a power button that is flush with the edge, as well as a lock button for enabling and disabling auto-rotation. The Helix 2 is made in such a way so that the screen can face the keyboard, but also the other way around. The Helix 2 is also thinner than the Portege Z20t Watching a p trailer for Metal Gear Solid V, the lens flares, floodlights and sunlit robotic arms all shined extremely bright, and the sandy roads had a lot of detail.

A burning soldier glowed with vibrant oranges, and I could make out both the textured patterns of the flame-retardant armor and the pieces of rubble at his feet. Greens, though, as seen in soldier fatigues, seemed softer and less saturated than on other monitors.

I could see the action clearly even at degree angles. The keyboard deck and base are also made of ABS, while the strong, hard flap that protects the docking connectors is magnesium aluminide. Also, the Helix 2 has a durable, scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 3 display, and can withstand drops of water. Its placement is awkward, but keeping it there allows for use in both tablet and laptop modes. Audio The Helix 2 has two pairs of speakers -- one on the rear the tablet and the other on the undercarriage of the keyboard base -- and switches between each depending on whether the tablet is docked or not.

In both positions the Helix 2 has enough audio power to fill a small room. However, the higher end sounded muddled. Touch and Pen Input With highly accurate touch sensors, the Helix 2 responded quickly to finger gestures such as pinch, zoom and swipe during our testing. However, the high resolution display on the Helix 2 made small icons anything in Chrome, for example difficult to target in desktop mode.

Testing it with the pre-installed Microsoft OneNote, the pen was highly accurate, and switching between drawing and selecting was very intuitive. The Helix 2 also did a great job at ignoring my palm resting on the display as I drew.

I only wish there was a place to stow the stylus on the tablet. Keyboard and Touchpad Even though the Helix 2 is on the smaller end of the spectrum, its AccuType Keyboard offers exceptional feedback. On the 10FastFingers typing test, I reached an average typing speed of 64 words per minute with a 2 percent error rate. Its keys have 1. Because the Helix is top-heavy, its display tipped backward whenever my wrists were not resting on the keyboard base.

Left-click, right-click and scroll buttons lie along the top of the touchpad. Measuring 2. I found it easy to perform such multi-touch gestures as pinch-to-zoom and rotate, and the touchpad provided ample tactile feedback when clicked.

The proprietary power connector is on the left edge of the tablet. The keyboard includes a USB 3. I would have liked to see the keyboard dock contain an Ethernet port, a useful feature for business users.

Performance Equipped with a 1. The Helix 2 handled my daily rigors a few dozen Chrome tabs, streaming audio or video, text editing, and the Evernote, Kindle and Weather Channel apps without lag. Apps opened and closed quickly, even while Windows Defender was scanning all system files. Still, the Venue 11 Pro and the Surface Pro 3 finished faster. Graphics With Intel HD Graphics integrated graphics, the Helix 2 is good for casual gaming, but not for anything more strenuous.

While playing World of Warcraft with the graphics set to auto and the resolution at x , the Helix 2 scraped out an unplayable 24 frames per second. Battery Life Like some other notebook-tablet hybrids, the Helix 2 includes batteries in both its tablet body and keyboard dock. The hottest the Helix 2 got was on the back of the tablet, where it reached only 89 degrees.

All of these temperatures are well below what we consider to be too warm 95 degrees , as well as the original Helix, which hit degrees under the same conditions. Cameras The Helix 2 has a 2-megapixel front camera and a 5-megapixel rear shooter. In a well-lit room, the front camera captured images that were very detailed, with accurate color.

However, there was a persistent graininess that became more pronounced in darker conditions. The rear camera produced clean photos with fine detail, though bright spots were far too bright, tap-to-focus was very slow to process and the autofocus was inconsistent at best.

A p video shot using the back camera suffered from similar problems, with the camera seemingly unable to decide what to focus on. Overhead office lighting appeared as bright as a spotlight. Software and Warranty Lenovo Companion serves as a one-stop shop for all things Lenovo, including system health, warranty, productivity apps, games and accessories. Solution Center helps users back up their system, enable virus protection, perform system checkups and more.

Our review model came with a three-year warranty, including one year for the battery, and hour toll-free phone support. The starting model also comes with the Ultrabook keyboard dock, which does not feature the secondary battery or TrackPoint, as found in in the Ultrabook Pro keyboard dock. However, it does have a slot for the stylus. Bottom Line With its strong productivity performance, long battery life and useful digital pen, the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 2 provides much of what business users need.

We give a slight edge to the Toshiba Portege Z20t for its excellent endurance and easier-to-use magnetic latch, but the Helix 2 has a better keyboard.


T540p / 3K Panel Pros and Cons

The following is what I have discerned: Tp Pros for those who want mostly a mobile workstation: 1. Gaming reviewer like to shoot for around 95 F 35 C external case temps but realize it is hard to do with Haswell. The This is not a concern for those who use it as a desktop replacement. I on the other hand have separate desktops. So a 14 inch panel with aspect seems really small. Even a

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