Most anatomy textbooks take the form of either large reference tomes or short books aimed at rapid pre-examination cramming. To this extent, the text has succeeded in staying true to its aims of providing a comprehensive, surgically oriented content, logically delivered and clinically relevant. In an academic climate, where anatomy is playing a progressively decreasing role, it is re-assuring to note that the content has remained descriptive and the format rigorously structured. For example, muscle groups continue to have clearly stated origins, insertions, actions, nerves and tests, whilst the course of blood vessels and nerves is fully described.

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No Widgets found in the Sidebar Alt! If a doctor failed to lay emphasis on the subject that goes by the name of Anatomy then he will never be able to do the treatment. Anatomy is a vast subject and there a lot of books written on it. This book is regarded as one of the standard books that are being used by students for the study of anatomy and today we are going to have a quick review of it.

His work and research in the field of medical sciences is really praiseworthy and his books are helping students in a massive way. This book is also called by the name Regional and Applied Anatomy.

One of the great aspects of this book is that it is very detailed and everything is explained very elaborately. Each topic is explained with complete definition, mechanism and diagrams which helps in the better understanding of a subject. If you are looking for a book for your MRCS studies then you can go for this one which is also a great book of anatomy. Below are some of the features that you should know about from this book. On international standards, this book is one of the finest and most sold books.

That is due to the quality of research content present in the book. With each topic, there are labelled diagrams for that particular topics which means now students can know everything they are reading in the theory. This book has a total of 12 editions yet, which explains the demand for this book. In every edition, there is latest research and you will study something more than you had read previously.

Clinical notes present inside the book contains very useful clinical information that will definitely help you when you will be practicing your field. This book is not just for Anatomy. This book will serve the purpose best for your MRCS studies. Chapter 1: Introduction to the regional anatomy. Chapter 2: Upper Limb.


Last’s Anatomy Regional and Applied 12th Edition PDF

This development transformed the illustrations and received very favourable readership response. In the light of such evaluation the publication of a twelfth edition has provided the opportunity to augment the illustrations in the book by the inclusion of new photographs depicting anatomy of clinical, endoscopic and surgical relevance and additional photographs of prosections. Where necessary the colour, tone, shade and contrast of existing illustrations have been enhanced. Colour consistency for related structures has been maintained throughout to ensure ease of cross-reference from one illustration to another. The text has been wholly reviewed and refinements made where required in the interests of relevance and readability. The anatomy of surgical approaches has been updated in the light of the continuing evolution of surgical practice, advances in laparoscopic surgery and the increasing scope of minimal access procedures. The limited field of vision provided by these latter techniques emphasises the need for a reliable knowledge of regional anatomy and structural relationships.







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