Imam Ibnu Majah I. Kakeknya, Bardizbah, adalah pemeluk Majusi, agama kaumnya. Pada masa itu Wala dinisbahkan kepadanya. Sedangkan ayahnya, Ismail, seorang ulama besar ahli hadith.

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He is one of the leading scholars of hadeeth and one of the most knowledgeable. He studied in Nisapoor, and when he grew up he traveled to Iraq and the Hijaaz to learn hadeeth.

He heard ahaadeeth from many shaykhs, and many scholars of hadeeth narrated from him. The most famous of his books is his Saheeh which is known as Saheeh Muslim. This is one of the six reliable books of hadeeth. He spent nearly fifteen years compiling this book, which is second only to Saheeh al-Bukhaari in status and in the strength of its ahaadeeth. Many scholars have written commentaries on his Saheeh. Abu Dawood was the leading hadeeth scholar of his age.

He is the author of al-Sunan, which is one of the six reliable books of hadeeth. He was born in AH. He traveled to Baghdad where he met Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal and stayed with him; he also looked like him.

He attained the highest degree of piety and righteousness. His book al-Sunan includes more than ahaadeeth. He came from Tirmidh, once of the cities of Transoxiana, after which he was named. He was one of the leading scholars of hadeeth and memorization of hadeeth. He was born in AH and studied under al-Bukhaari; they had some of the same teachers. He began to seek ahadeeth by travelling to Khurasaan, Iraq and the Hijaz. He became famous for his memorization of hadeeth, trustworthiness and knowledge.

In this book he examined the ahaadeeth in detail, which is of benefit to students of fiqh, because he mentions the ahadeeth and most of his ahaadeeth deal with rulings of fiqh.

He was born in AH, and he was one of the leading scholars and muhaddiths of his time. He lived in Egypt, where his books became famous and people learned from him. May Allaah have mercy on him. His father Yazeed was known as Maajah, so he was known as Ibn Maajah.

He was a famous hafiz and the author of the book of hadeeth called al-Sunan. He was born in Qazwayn, after which he was named, in AH. He wrote three books during his travels: a book on Tafseer; a book on history, in which he compiled the reports of men who had written down reports of the Sunnah from the time of the Sahaabah until his own time; and his book al-Sunan. JazakAllah Khair. Share it!


Al-kutub as-sittah



Kutubus Sittah


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