Kelmaran Touch the button containing the question mark. The connected smartPAD assumes the current operating mode of the robot controller. The external axes cannot be jogged. The probe is either immediately next to or in the mastering notch. Response in the case of weave motions If cables are interchanged, the manipulator and the external axes optional may receive incorrect data and can thus cause personal injury or material damage.

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Dugore In the case of robots where A6 has a line mark, the value determined for this axis is not displayed, i. X32 without cover 3. It is not possible to define different tool directions for different tools.

If safety functions or safeguards are deactivated during maintenance or repair work, they must be reactivated immediately after the work is completed. Filftype for configuration of bus systems If these components have an online functionality, they can be used with write access to modify programs, outputs or other parameters of the robot controller, without this giletype noticed by any persons located inside the system. The enabling switch is pressed center position.

It must be located so that reorientation is possible. Voltages in excess of 50 V up to V can be present in fjletype components for several minutes after the robot controller has been switched off! The description is displayed. The maximum and minimum position reached by each axis in all executed programs is displayed in kua Software limit switch window.

The smartHMI is automatically displayed again. SystemSoftware Practical test for couplable axes If practical tests are required for the machine data, this test must be carried out when axes are present that can be physically coupled and uncoupled, e.

Observe the safety instructions relating to Start-up mode. Remove the signal cable from the SEMD. The manipulator and any external axes optional perform path-oriented braking. Axes A4, A5 and A6 are mechanically coupled. Entering the external TCP numerically If cables are interchanged, the manipulator and the external axes optional may receive incorrect data and can thus cause personal injury or material sgstem. A6 is in the mastering position. There is no battery present or the battery is defective.

Actual position, axis-specific 4. As soon as the manipulator is sofhware a standstill, a safe operational stop is triggered. External axis optional The prescribed transport position of the external axis e. Precondition Systme modify a variable: The operating hours meter is running as long as the drives are switched on. The positioner axes may be fitted with additional axis range monitoring systems. At the right-hand end is the Edit button. There are two ways of starting and stopping measurements: It is sometimes not possible, however, e.

The user can also transfer it to the PLC. Not possible for the Submit interpreter, Drives and Robot interpreter status indicators.

Check load mastering with offset with SEMD If 2 enabling switches are held simultaneously in the center position for longer than 15 seconds, this triggers a safety stop 1. Turn the dial so that it can be viewed easily. Safety options Generic term for options which make it possible to configure additional safe fletype functions in addition to the standard safety functions.

If mastering with the probe is desired, the external axis must be fitted with gauge cartridges. The user must comply with the applicable national laws, regulations and standards pertaining to pressure equipment. TOP Related Articles.



Conveniently execute all functions and programming steps with the robot and the workpiece directly in view. Repeat step 2 for all axes ciletype be mastered. If a power-off delay time is configured, the robot controller shuts down only after this time has passed. As soon as the manipulator is at a standstill, a safe operational stop is triggered. Remove all loads from the robot. Move the axis back to the pre-mastering position. The least favorable stopping distance is decisive.


Kazshura Jog override determines the velocity of the robot during jogging. The icon is red if a flag is set. Instruction is also required after particular incidents or technical modifications. This process must be repeated several times with a safety stop 0 and a safety stop 1.

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