Transforming Relationships for High Performance: The Power of Relational Coordination — Jody Hoffer Gittell Whether from customers, supply-chain partners, policymakers, or regulators, organizations in virtually every industry are facing calls to do more with less. They are feeling compelled to provide higher-quality outcomes, more rapidly, at a lower cost. This book offers a road-tested approach for delivering these outcomes through positive organizational change. Its message comes just in time, for too many companies have gone the way of low-road strategies, such as cutting pay and perks, and working harder not smarter.

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Sloan Foundation Chair of the Board, Families First Health and Support Center - Robert Wood Johnson and Atlantic Philanthropies grant for study of nursing home practices and outcomes - Commonwealth Fund grant for study of patient care coordination - Harvard Business School Division of Research grant for study of patient care coordination - Alfred P.

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Jody Hoffer Gittell

Team members are human, and as such, how they feel about their colleagues and their work affects performance. The challenge for health service leaders is enabling culture that supports high levels of collaboration, co-operation and coordination across diverse groups. A range of 16 interventions—focusing on structural, process and relational dimensions—were co-created with participants and are now being implemented and evaluated by various trauma care providers. New publication by Hajjar, L. A major collaboration challenge, particularly in large community initiatives, is the need for multiple organizations to develop strategic partnerships around a shared purpose. Due to the importance of collaboration in achieving desired outcomes, the readiness of organizations to collaborate, and the quality of relationships between organizations are key, particularly in the formation stage.


Books by Jody Hoffer Gittell

She founded the Relational Coordination Research Collaborative, bringing scholars and practitioners together to help organizations build relational coordination for high performance. She serves as co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of a university spinoff called Relational Coordination Analytics offering relationship measurement and intervention support to organizations seeking to improve quality, efficiency, well-being and other performance outcomes. Gittell has developed a theory of relational coordination, proposing that highly interdependent work is most effectively coordinated by frontline workers with each other, their customers and their leaders, through relationships of shared goals, shared knowledge and mutual respect, supported by frequent, timely, accurate, problem-solving communication. The theory has two central propositions: 1 relational coordination drives performance outcomes along with client and worker well-being, especially under conditions of interdependence, uncertainty and time constraints; and 2 organizational structures support or undermine relational coordination and its associated performance outcomes, depending on their design. She and her husband Ross are enjoying their empty nest in Portsmouth, NH while following with pride the adventures of their daughters Rose and Grace. Related Publications Books Gittell, J. Godwyn, M.

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