The bright LCD has a wider color gamut so can handle both Rec. Built In Scopes Ensure Compliance to Broadcast Standards HyperDeck Extreme features full internal waveform monitoring so you can ensure compliance to broadcast standards when used on high end work. The waveform display provides a traditional luminance brightness levels view of your input or playback signal. Histogram shows the distribution of white to black detail in your images and highlights or shadows clipping.

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Simply connect the SSD to your computer via an external dock or cable adapter and format it as you would a regular disk. Page 7: Hyperdeck Shuttle You can use the power adapter supplied with HyperDeck You can connect your SDI video sources, such as cameras, HyperDeck Shuttle has a non-slip rubber base for use on a Shuttle or power it off an external camera battery as the routers, capture cards, switcher outputs or decks to this input.

Page 8 To 4 minutes of battery power left. So you should plug in To switch from one In addition to installing HyperDeck Utility, uncompressed 10 bit codecs are installed for Mac and Windows. Step 2. Launch HyperDeck Utility. Then simply press Play. The controls of HyperDeck Shuttle work just like a CD player so pressing next clip will skip to the start of the next clip and continue playing.

Press previous clip once to go to the start of the current clip or press twice to skip back to the start of the previous clip. All outputs are active so you can use one or more outputs together.

Step 6. Press the record button to start recording to the SSD instantly. The SSD slot light will illuminate with a looping red light to indicate it is being used for recording. Step 1. Press the REM button to enable remote deck control. You can now use your favorite NLE software, along with video capture hardware, to remotely capture, batch capture and play back video with your HyperDeck Studio.

Device Control in Media Composer 6 is provided by Media Composer itself and is configured via the Settings tab in your project window. Not everyone needs to use genlock but it is particularly important when switching between multiple video sources as is common in larger facilities. Page Installing The Hyperdeck Shuttle Mounting Plate HyperDeck Shuttle Mounting Plate is an optional accessory which lets you secure your HyperDeck Shuttle to a camera rig with your choice of rail mounts, cold shoe mounts, articulated arms and more.

Page Help Help Getting Help The fastest way to obtain help is to go to the Blackmagic Design online support pages and check the latest support material available for your HyperDeck.

Page 30 Warranty 12 Month Limited Warranty Blackmagic Design warrants that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

If a product proves to be defective during this warranty period, Blackmagic Design, at its option, either will repair the defective product without charge for parts and labor, or will provide a replacement in exchange for the defective product. This manual is also suitable for:.


HyperDeck Studio



Blackmagicdesign HyperDeck Shuttle Installation And Operation Manual



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