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Description Featuring a distressed finish with visible knots and natural imperfections, the Vintage character oak is the ultimate finish for the Oak Wild by Hasena. Perfect to furnish from a modern penthouse apartment to a chic countryside cottage, this winning combination of modern designs and rustic feel is the latest trend proposed by Hasena.

The stunning frame on Onito chunky legs h. Smaller individual pads Soma are available in a choice of genuine leathers. Headboard Extension Brackets Here we offer you a set of 2 Head-Plus extension brackets by Hasena, which will enable to lift headboards up, on your Hasena beds, by 13 cm. This is recommended when using mattresses deeper than 25 cm, in order to prevent the protruding mattress from covering the headboard excessively.

Please see Hasena Extension Brackets. You can also upgrade your slatted base for a top-end base where you can adjust the tension of the slats according to your personal needs and altogether have a top quality mattress base.

Please see upgraded slatted bases. From size Euro King you will get 2 separate slatted bases. Mattresses Feel free to consult our range of snug fitted mattresses. There are mattresses for all pockets, requirements and comfort levels.

Total sleeping position height is 34 cm.


Hasena Oak-Line Wildeiche Bettrahmen


KAI 01050 PDF

Hasena Airon Lisio - Solid Oak Modern Bed


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