A name to a face, and a face to a name. Remembering is not my problem. Forgetting is! And that caused such screaming among educators here in America. But, with my systems, you could do it! Probably have a long list of books you want to read?

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The dude has memory courses on vinyl. Although memory training has been around for millennia, it has seen a huge resurgence in modern times. There are now countless books and materials about memory improvement, not to mention video courses, audio programs and, yes, resources like the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast.

But if there is one name who stands behind the explosion of mnemonics in the 20th and 21st century, that name is Harry Lorayne. Through his voluminous work as an author and presenter, Lorayne spawned and popularized the modern industry of memory training. Judging from his childhood conditions during the depression-era, it seemed that the odds were firmly stacked against him. This learning disability caused him to struggle and fail while in grade school. As he told me in the exclusive interview he gave for Masterclass members, he discovered memory techniques in a dramatic way.

After learning these memory methods and drastically improving his grades, he started teaching his classmates on how they too could become memory masters. From there, Harry Lorayne progressively became more and more successful. Lorayne has managed to emerge as one of the most famous and published magicians and memory experts of the century. Now in his late 80s, Lorayne is still at work teaching the world about memory, success and perseverance.

Most everyone was poor, and Lorayne was amongst the poorest of the poor. He recalls how with his childhood friends he would play in a garbage dump near where he lived. They were long, petrified mountains of garbage, and that was our playgrounds. Due to his undiagnosed dyslexia , Lorayne received failing grades as a young boy. Not of getting failing grades, but of getting hit by my father. There, he immersed himself for hours in how-to books on memorization.

These included books from the 17th and 18th century, and works from modern memory trainers, such as David Roth. Much of the material was not comprehensible for him at his young age. However, he understood enough to teach himself how to memorize things quickly and effectively using mnemonics techniques. From that point on, he aced his tests at school, surprising his teachers and sparing him from his aggressive father.

His classmates took notice, and started to ask Lorayne how he managed to have improved his memorization so drastically. That marked the start of his career teaching others on how to memorize effectively. Later, Lorayne would even have other people teaching his techniques for him. But long before being a teacher and helping others become teachers of memory techniques, Lorayne became a dropout during his first year of high school.

To make an income, Lorayne started performing memory tricks for small to medium sized audiences. He would impress crowds by memorizing magazine pages, decks of cards or large lists of names. His original intention in doing these shows was to attract students to hire him for memory training. He found little success in doing so, but his shows led him to be noticed by an agent. The agent started Lorayne on a path of presenting to larger and larger audiences.

One of his most famous memory feats include memorizing each of the names of crowds of up to people. He is also known for having memorized an entire phone book. Instead, he became famous by teaching others how to use these techniques and improve their own memories.

This Memory Improvement Solution Could End Your Memory Troubles Forever Harry Lorayne has sold millions of copies of his many books teach people around the world on how to replicate his memorization ability. These are the same association techniques Magnetic Memory Method student Marno Hermann used to memorize digits of Pi.

His teachings guide students on how to visualize numbers physically so as to remember them. He does this by teaching students to associate numbers 1 through 9 with specific letters a technique known widely as either the Major Method or Major System.

With this technique, any number can be connected with at least one word. By associating numbers with a physical word, numbers are given a physical quality. As compared to the abstract concepts that are numbers, physical qualities can more easily be used as mnemonics. Lorayne also underlines the importance of paying attention. His method includes teachings on how to concentrate and focus on the information students are trying to memorize. No one is quite sure why, but my feeling is that in some integral manner, memorizing the names of each person in a large crowd must use location in one way or another.

Unless the individuals change location, a mnemonist performing a feat like this most certainly taps into the power of a repeated location, if only unconsciously. There is a link between the where the information was memorized and where the mnemonist goes to recall it. The answer is: Success. In addition to his immense contribution to memorization training, Harry Lorayne has made significant contributions to the field of magic.

As a world recognized magician, Lorayne has invented and refined techniques which are now widely used by current-day amateur and professional magicians. His landmark contributions to memory training is an essential tome in the library of memorization techniques.

At 89, Harry Lorayne continues to work and give seminars to large corporate audiences. He has even recently completed an autobiography. Yes, as a matter of fact. Much to the puzzlement of many memory training students, Lorayne does not like the Memory Palace technique.



Vodal O or one of them at a single point I can still progress onwards from the next locus. Having the image at a specific location keeps everything clearer for me. Finally, finished menory I have a few minutes until class time. All the students are watching me with a feeling of reverential respect mixed with wonder. Jul 30, David Grimaud rated it really liked it. Ok, I got that one, now I just repeat this identical process over and over again. Just before we went back to my hometown, my couple of friends from my church prepared a farewell party for me featuring a magician.


The Father of Modern Memory Improvement Harry Lorayne: 60 Years of Mnemonics






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