Grinnell Mechanical Products Mechanical and Fire Products[ edit ] Grinnell grooved products include grooved couplings, grooved fittings, mechanical tees, valves, circuit balancing valves, copper systems, stainless steel systems, plain end systems, HDPE systems, PVC systems, G-PRESS systems, gaskets and spare parts, and preparation equipment, as well as accessories, such as strainers, tee strainers, suction diffusers, dielectric waterway transition fittings, dielectric waterway groove threads, and dielectric waterway male threads. Grinnell grooved products have a year limited warranty for most products, except for the G-MINE line of products, which are warranted for six months. The company specialized in gas main installations, putting in the original gas mains in Rhode Island. They eventually grew to offer pipe fitting and plumbing services. In , Frederick Grinnell , a Massachusetts-born engineer, purchased a controlling interest in Providence Steam and Gas and became its president. Fire protection was a new science in this time period and depended on manually turning on the sprinklers.

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It is more reliable than threaded or flanged connection and often results in 2x-4x faster installation. The system is designed to work with rolled or grooved pipes.

Flexible grooved pipe couplings offer the flexiblity needed for vibration dampening or installation in earthquake prone areas. It offers fast assembly in tight system, cleaner system with no welding slag, contamination or hot work permit. More predictable cost estimate for contractors resulting in faster and cheaper installation. A simple system with 3 components only Each pipe joint is a union Rolled or cut pipe groove 2 Each Joint is a Union Each pipe joint is a flexible joint and removing the couplings allows removal of pipe for easy cleaning, servicing and maintenance.

A rolled groove creates an indentation int he ID of the pipe whereas the machine cut groove is smooth on the ID. Rolled grooved is mostly done on thinner wall pipe whereas the machine cut groove is more common on thicker wall pipes. Grooved couplings are commonly installed on pipe schedules 5 to schedule A grooved pipe is much easier than a welded pipe joint, requiring no X Ray, hot work permit and associated hazards of welding a pipe.

Resilient gasket absorbs noise and vibration resulting in a quieter system. Provides superior vibration attenuation and eliminates the need of noise suppression devices. It eliminates the need for costly expansion joints. Grooved pipe joints also eliminates pipe stresses for buried and underground pipes. Five Types of Grooved Pipe Fittings 1 Grooved Coupling A groove is made in the pipe by cold forming and machine cutting a a groove into the end of pipe. See figure below for different between rolled and cut groove.

A gasket is housed in the coupling housing and is wrapped around the pipe ends. The groove in the pipe mates with tongue in the pipe and creates a restraint that prevents pipe pull out.

The entire assembly is tightened with bolts and nuts. Flexible grooved pipe coupling.


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