Were you able to find peace with it after it came out or in between these two seasons? Or has that feeling still kind of lingered? Badgley: I mean, yes to all things. I found peace, the feeling also lingered, and then it changes.

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Improved vestibulomotor function 7 days Reduction in cerebral edema, microvascular density, and neuronal degeneration Reduction in VEGF expression and increased brain glucose uptake Qin et al. These experiments were independently conducted MPI Research Inc, Mattawan, Michigan prior to the conduct of further experiments in this study.

These animals received an implanted femoral vein catheter exteriorized between the scapulae for intravenous dosing purposes. Animals were randomized prior to any experiments and outcome assessments were performed in a blinded fashion. Multiple physiological parameters were measured in these experiments.

These included body temperature, hematological platelet count and coagulation profile , biochemistry glucose, creatinine, and total bilirubin , and respiratory respiratory rate and minute ventilation evaluations. Full experimental details are available in Data S1.

Animal procedures In all experiments, mice were randomized to treatment and vehicle group before injury and all animals were treated with allocation concealment. In each experiment, mice were randomized to treatment or vehicle groups prior to injury. Animals were treated with blinded concealment.

All procedures and assessments were performed in blinded fashion. Animal procedures were approved by the Duke University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee in keeping with established guidelines.

Focal cerebral ischemia was induced by filamentous transient middle cerebral artery occlusion tMCAO , as previously described. Functional assessments Vestibulomotor performance was assessed daily postinjury with the accelerating rotarod Med Associates Inc, Georgia, Vermont , as previously described. The time it took for the mouse to fall off the grid hanging latency was recorded up to sec.

The test was performed at 2 and 7 days post injury and repeated three times per day. Maximal hanging latency was used. Louis, MO according to protocol. The infarcted area per slice was determined by subtracting the area of viable stained tissue of the ipsilateral hemisphere from the unaffected viable area of the contralateral hemisphere. Final infarct volume was the sum of infarcted areas multiplied by slice thickness.

At 30 min after reperfusion, mice were killed, brains were removed and dissected in the midsagittal plane. The injured right hemispheres were used for analysis. Principal components analysis was performed between sample groups to screen for outliers in the phosphoproteomic data. The improvement was observed as early as the first day post injury and the benefit was maintained up to 7 days.


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