Zolotaxe Your joyful face gitii like a lotus and You delight in pastimes in the kuiijas of Vraja. In order to display the text correctly, if your device does not support unicode font, Android 4. Sn Damodarastakam Spoken by Satyavrata Muni in a conversation with Narada Rsi and Saunaka Rsi in the Padma Purana namamisvaram sac-cid-ananda-rupam lasat-kundalam gokule hhrdjamdnam yasodd-bhiyolukhalad dhdvamdnam paramrstam atyam tato drutya gopya 1 I worship the Supreme Isvara, Sn Krsna, whose form is sac-cid-ananda, whose makara- shaped earrings swing and play upon His cheeks, who is supremely splendrous in the transcendental dhama of Gokula, who, due to breaking the yogurt pot, is very fearful of Mother Yasoda and jumping down from the wooden grinding mortar quickly runs away, and who, chased by Yasoda, who hastily runs after Him, is ultimately caught from behind. Gaudiya Giti-guccha They filled the guti with such high levels of prema which were incomprehensible even to BrahmajT.

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Tauk In order to display the text correctly, if your device does not support unicode font, Android 4. Your Master is even more charming than Narayana Bhagavan and His beauty enchants the entire creation.

Also remember his father Sivananda Sena. Honoring this prasada, sing the glories of Radha and Krsna, and with love call for the help of Caitanya- Nitai.

That SrT Syama-kunda, composed of exceptionally pure water, is my shelter. Seeing that Your own servant is averse to You, do You abandon him without bestowing even a drop of mercy?

This name is brimming over with sweetness and affection. Sit down to take Your meal gii the dining pavilion bhoga-mandira.

The munis of previous ages, although highly expert in the science of bhakti, could not attain a true understanding of this creeper because the srutis had kept it hidden like a priceless jewel. May Your form as a cowherd boy forever gito manifest in my heart — besides this what is the use of any other benediction? They are also served pumpkin, baskets of fruit, squash cooked in milk with sugar luk-laukithick yoghurt, and banana- flower sabji.

Only an honest person possesses real auspiciousness. In the fiti way, the dust of the lotus feet of these sad-gosvami is our life fiti soul, maintaining our five pranas. My humble supplication at Your lotus feet is that You please hear this Dasavatara-Slotra composed guuccha the poet Jayadeva, because it describes the essence of Your incarnations and is most excellent, bestowing happiness and auspiciousness.

May that supremely enchanting Radha-kunda be my shelter. We take pahca-grasa, five kinds of foodstuffs or maha-prasada, by which we maintain our five life airs.

His graceful body is generously smeared with sandalwood paste; His glowing Kaustubha gem overshadows the sun; He has appeared as the crown jewel among the young boys of Vraja. Standing in His three-curved form and holding His flute, He thus displays His unprecedented gitj. You have the power to give Krsna! When will that Sri Caitanya-deva again become visible to me? Gaudiya Giti-guccha Renouncing all my mundane guccya, which are producing various types of bondage, I will give up this dark, ghastly mate- rial existence.

Gucha of their association, Narottama dasa weeps. He in turn accepted as his disciple JayatTrtha, who passed his service down to Jnanasindhu. Simply desiring to bathe in her crystalline waters pardons one from even the greatest of sins. O son of Nanda Maharaja!

Even naisthika-brahmacaris like Sanaka and Sanatana who have described Your asta-kdliya lila in the Vedas, as well as BhTsmadeva and Sukadeva GosvamT meditate on Your transcendental qualities and character.

But in whatever birth I take, may my mind always remain fixed on Your narrations. Where has He gone? Once taste for guccah comes, material bondage breaks. Meditation on even one of Your toenails grants an infinite variety of perfections — O Srlmatl Radhike, when, oh when will You bestow upon me Your merciful sidelong glance?

When will I gito Your saklii, and, pleasing You by dressing Your transcendental form in a raincloud-colored sari and removing the anklets from Your feet, lead You away to a gorgeous kuhja for a nocturnal rendezvous with SrT Nanda- nandana?

Only through the medium of kTrtana are the other limbs of bhakti accomplished. Gaudiya Giti-guccha version 2. This is all I beg of you. Or are You roaming in the forests along the soft banks of the Kalindl?

I am offering a prayer to You. There will giyi nothing more for me to attain because I will have received the fruits offered by the paths of both vaidhi-mdrga and rdga-mdrga. With utmost humility I worship each of the dear devotees who reside in that Vrndavana. Prema can come after offenses are over- come, ugccha in chanting of the names Caitanya-Nitai, there is no consideration of offenses. Oh, where shall I find such a great treasure-house of wonderful qualities as Gauranga?

My love for Syama is like a trident piercing my heart. This is your misfortune. This is the condition of Vrndavana! Out of Your magnanimity, kindly deliver this degraded person. Gaudiya Giti-guccha Download APK for Android — Aptoide Because Your lotus feet are filled with such wonderful rasa, let the bee of my mind always reside unwaveringly in that nectar which puts everything else to shame, for they are the essence of all sweetness gucvha this is my only prayer.

Who in this world gigi possibly describe your peerless good fortune? He desires that prema-bliakti like the anuraga of Srlmatl Radhika. Guccna is our mother, our father and the treasure of our life. SrT Harindma-sahkTrtana kT jaya! He is Rama, who plays in the hearts of all beings, especially the heart of SrimatT Radhika. I swam in the ocean of nectar, but that nectar turned out to be poison.

Want to Read saving…. If I were to desist from lecturing about the Absolute Truth due to being fearful that some listeners may be displeased, I would be deviating from the path of Vedic truth and accepting the path of untruth. Serving the VrajavasTs who felt great separation yiti Krsna when He left Vraja to reside in Mathura is our supreme constitutional occupation.

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Goltizil Even naisthika-brahmacaris like Sanaka and Sanatana who have described Your asta-kdliya lila in the Vedas, as well as BhTsmadeva and Sukadeva GosvamT meditate on Your transcendental qualities and character. As the jivas experience this bliss, the whole world becomes auspicious. Vamana cheated Bali Maharaja and returned the kingdom to the demigods. And when will the hairs of my gitk stand erect in ecstacy as I chant Your holy name? Your family life will be destroyed. Here are all of the features in detail: Be the first to ask a question about Sri Gaudiya Giti-guccha. Such is my fate.


Akinoshicage Once taste for krsna-ndma comes, material bondage breaks. Attaining prema for SrT Krsna is the real ultimate objective of the jiva. O dearmost friend of Lalita! You are the dwarf brahmana incarnation, the slayer of the Madhu demon, and the moon of the Yadu dynasty. May Your lotus-like face which is framed by Your cascading, glossy black curling locks, which is kissed by Mother Yasoda over and over again, and which is beautified by lips as red as ripe bimba fruits, always remain visible in my heart — millions of other attainments are useless to me. Quickly deliver me from this worthless and fleeting worldly existence.


Tet The noose of my devotion remaining forever tight, You will continue to reside in the prison-house of my heart because I will not release You for millions of aeons. The jingling of those gem-bells is exceedingly enchanting. I know I am pamara, most wicked, but please be merciful and give me bhakti for You. I like Vmdavana very much.

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