Sazuru Now you have to drill the recesses for the screw head on the right half and for the nut on the left half. Articles needing additional references from April All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from Suubmachine All stub articles. Until recently, paint sjbmachine seldom used for firearms, but now more and more military weapons are protected with new subnachine resistant synthetic coatings. The rear sight assembly is made according the same principles. After testing the hook-type rifling head described in the above-mentioned book, I made an improved rifling head, shown in drawingthat is easier to build and operate. Firing at tuO auto.

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Except for use in a review. All rights reserved. Neither the author nor the publisher assumes any responsibility for the use or misuse of information contained in this book. Visit our Web site at www. In most countries it is against the law to do the following: 1. Severe penalties are prescribed for violations of these laws. Manufacture a firearm without an official license from the government.

In the United States. Many states and municipalities also restrict firearm ownership and use. This material is presented for academic study only. Possess a silencer for a firearm. Neither the author nor the publisher can be responsible for any use or misuse of the information contained in this book.

Own a fully automatic weapon. In some favorable circumstances it is possible to rely on foreign help. Many German soldiers were killed or wounded. Only a few Jews escaped through the canals. Even in countries where there is little danger of invasion or foreign occupation and oppression. In many towns and countries in the most advanced parts of the world. Two generations of ordinary citizens resistance weapons: my are at risk of being homemade submachine assaulted.

Worst of all. Years later. To face a well-armed oppressor. A small number of young Jews armed mostly with pistols and a few rifles. Small and handy. The result is an efficient and reliable weapon that you can count on. Illustration of the Metral submachine gun described in this book.

It was also specially designed for clandestine manufacture. Below: The Metral submachine gun is compact and handy. As can be seen in the Bibliography. Decentralization of large-scale production of the various parts is possible.

Most parts should appear innocuous. It must be able to be built by people or groups with limited equipment. I kept the number of different parts to a minimum to ease decentralized production. The general shape of the weapon is similar to the Czech CZ 25 and the Uzi. Taken down. A very critical part of a submachine gun is the magazine.

The size of the weapon facilitates its use from a car. Beretta Model It should be feasible for an individual to produce the entire weapon in a small workshop. Users should meet. For example. The folding stock adopted is also my brainchild.

I also tried to make them look like ordinary mechanical components to conceal their final function. I decided to use the STEN magazine because originals are easy to find at low prices. The selector of the trigger mechanism comes from the Suomi M and the bolt security from the Ingram M The gun has an attractive appearance. I claim as my own inventions the bolt construction and the way the weapon is assembled. Its design is based on known principles and solutions found in other guns.

It is also possible to build usable fiberglass versions of this magazine. Pull the selector to the rear safe position. Pull the cocking handle to the rear. The weapon fires from an open bolt, and therefore the bolt will remain to the rear. Insert a loaded magazine into the magazine well, located in the pistol grip, and push in until it locks with a click. Try to pull it out to be sure it is firmly locked in. This gun is easy to hide, e.

With adequate filling, a tubeless tire may be inflated and the loaded spare wheel used for a short distance. The small size of the Metral gun makes it ideal to carry in a car in an unsafe country.

In a small car use a short round magazine, which is sufficient for a first reaction and easier to handle in a cramped space. Caution: Many people are used to inserting the magazine first and t h e n pulling the bolt back, which is the usual way to load an automatic pistol. The order of operation given above is much safer.

To fire single shots, push the selector to the middle position. When you squeeze the trigger, the gun will fire one shot, eject the e m p t y case, and then the bolt will remain to the rear. To fire another shot, you must release the trigger and pull it again. The position of the selector is easy to feel at night because of its relation to the trigger guard. To remove the magazine, push the magazine latch at the bottom rear of the pistol grip, and pull the magazine out of the weapon.

Then squeeze the trigger while retaining the bolt handle. Let the bolt go slowly f o r w a r d and ensure by looking through the ejection port that the chamber is empty. In a hostile environment carry the gun loaded, bolt rearward with handle unlocked and selector set at "safe.

If the gun is ready to fire, with bolt open and magazine inserted, and you have to move quickly to another position, lock the bolt by rotating the bolt handle. This will prevent an accidental firing while you are crawling, jumping, or making any other movement.

Unlock the bolt once you are ready to fire again. Never carry the gun with a loaded magazine inserted and bolt forward unlocked by the bolt handle: it may fire accidentally if dropped. In case of ejection failure or 1.

In that case, pull the bolt rearward until it falls either t h r o u g h the ejection port or the pistol grip. Stripping 1.

Remove the magazine. Unfold the stock. Push the selector to the "single shot" p o s i t i o n. H o l d i n g the bolt handle with your left hand, let the bolt go slowly forward by pressing the trigger.

With the tip of a bullet, push down the stud on the side of the front plug, unscrew the plug, and remove it. Pull the operating handle out and remove the barrel and bolt together from the front end of the gun. Reassemble the gun in the reverse order. Take care to insert the ejector in its hole on the rear face of the bolt; use a finger inserted through the ejection port to guide it while you push the bolt assembly and barrel rearward with the other hand.

Push the barrel to align t h e b o l t handle location of the bolt with the opening in the receiver and insert the bolt handle. Folding Stock To fold the stock, pull it to the rear and to the left. Fold it f o r w a r d until it comes along the trigger mechanism housing. Push the handle forward and to the right until the stud is engaged in its slot. Then release t h e h a n d l e : s p r i n g pressure pushes the stock back to lock it.

To unfold the stock, push it forward and then to the left. Once unfolded let it go forward under spring pressure and lock. If necessary, push it forward to help the locking operation. Inserting the magazine. Note the cocking handle locked in the rear position. Push the selector with your forefinger. Rotating the bolt handle. Use the tip of a bullet to release the front plug. The cartridge case. The cartridge case is forced back by gas pressure and d r i v e s t h e bolt rearward.

This depresses the sear.


Оружейная библиотека , чертежи (ОБЧ)

Goltigul Push the slug almost all the way out of the bore and coat it with a mixture of oil and fine emery flour. Start with a plain bar. First, drill the 10 mm hole and then enlarge it to 12 mm as shown in the drawing. If the gun fails to fire, check and eventually modify the firing pin or the extractor. After drying, the excess filler is removed with fine sandpaper.


Do It Yourself Submachine Gun Gerard Metral Paladin Press

Except for use in a review. All rights reserved. Neither the author nor the publisher assumes any responsibility for the use or misuse of information contained in this book. Visit our Web site at www. In most countries it is against the law to do the following: 1. Severe penalties are prescribed for violations of these laws.


Do It Yourself Submachine Gun - Gerard Metral


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