Multi-dimensional coil design detects guns, knives and other flat and rod-shaped weapons regardless of archway location. Zone adjustment enables maximum detection regardless of environmental challenges. Easy-to view eye-level pacing lights with international "wait" and "proceed" symbols on the entrance side of each panel. Easy operation with backlit LCD and LED bar graphs for continuous online operating status and self-diagnostic reporting. It allows authorized users to change settings such as detection Program and Sensitivity. A tamper alarm sounds within 10 seconds after the Access Touchpad is pressed, unless a proper access code is entered.

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It allows authorized users to change settings such as detection Programme and Sensitivity. A tamper alarm sounds within 10 seconds after the Access Touchpad is pressed, unless the access code is entered. The PD i will retain all settings even when it has been turned off and back on again, this does not require a battery. While the unit is in operation, a self-test of all systems is performed continuously with any failures or problems immediately reported on the LCD display. Press operate at any time to run a self test on the archway.

This will help pinpoint where on the body an item is concealed. Overhead Control Unit The PDi has LCD Display, alarm lights, LED bar graphs and control touchpads plus all wiring, connections and electronics integrated into a single lockable overhead compartment which eliminates exposure of wires and external control box. The archway metal detector will also pick up mobile phones and other electrical goods in a loss prevention capacity.

Audible and Visual Alarms Audible alarm and Visual LED lights signal when a target has been detected, showing the user where on the body weapons are concealed. Garrett Magnascanner PDi walkthrough metal detector key features: 33 pinpoint zones to precisely identify multiple target locations from head to toe on the left, center and right sides of the body.

More than 20 standard programs for security application versatility. By scanning from both sides, the PD i provides superior detection, uniformity and performance.

Advanced broadband detection technology provides superior target analysis, ferrous and non-ferrous weapons detection, discrimination and higher throughput. Directional counter with four settings for counting forward, reverse, subtract in reverse, and bi-directional. Superior versatility: selectable settings designed for airports, courthouses, prisons, schools, facilities, special events, mass transit, loss prevention and many other applications. Networking ability: CMA provides networking, remote control, monitoring, data analysis and group management.

Meets IP55 standards for moisture and foreign matte protection. Limited month warranty: parts and labor. Pacing lights at the entrance display universal "wait" and "proceed" symbols for traffic control. Multi-Unit and Multi-Brand Compatibility 2, selectable operating frequencies and multiple channels allow the PD i to operate in close proximity to other PD is as well as with non-Garrett walk-throughs. Interference Suppression Advanced analog and digital filtering—as well as adjustable operating frequencies—eliminate the potential effects from x-ray units, radios and other electrical interference sources.

Directional Counter Counter tracks the number of patrons that have passed through the detector, the direction of patrons, the number of alarms and calculates alarm percentage. Four directional count settings forward, reverse, subtraction reverse and bi-directional.

Random Alarm Feature Provides ability to randomly alarm on a selected percentage of non-alarming persons; adjustable from 0 to 50 percent.

Alarms Audible tone and volume adjustable. Bright LED visual alarm. Pacing Lights International symbols located at entrance. Tamper-Proof All settings are secured with a key lock and two levels of access codes. Further security is accomplished with a cabinet lock which prevents unauthorized access to physical cables, connectors and electronics.

Construction Attractive scratch and mar-resistant laminate. Detection Heads and Support: Heavy duty aluminum.


Garrett Magnascanner PD6500i Walkthrough Metal Detector



Garret Magnascanner PD6500i



Garrett MAGNASCANNER PD 6500 Owner's Manual


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