Tejin Depending on the circunstances, the Property Management Unit offers three operating modes: Recommended for garage access and remote control of devices: Property Management Unit guards the information and tools they need to provide first-class attentive service, protection and support to the most demanding of residents. Easy, quick and adaptable. Fermax Corporate Incorporates one relay to activate the lock release and another for auxiliary functions. DIN6 General power supply.

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Kinos SIP peer to peer distributed architecture allows independent operation for each device, without the need for a centralized server. The modules are smart system linked, facilitating their repair and maintenance, as well as the subsequent inclusion of more cutting-edge equipment or new modules. The activation can be automatic when a call is received efrmax by means of a specific button on the telephone or monitor.

Comprehensive, easy to use and dependable. All calls from panels to units are forwarded to the assigned Property Management Unit for filtering. VDS The same as kit ref. Inverted functioning or MAX version not allowed. Restricted to authorised telephones.

The modules fit perfectly into the profile. The image disappears after a few seconds, or when the handset is replaced. Compact-sized dimmensions, so it can be hidden in distribution boxes.

Extension call modules are not required. Central Unit, power supply, battery and the necessary module for germax with the PC. For more than 4 telephones, 1 power supply ref. The same as in ref. Accepts a card for addition of a 2nd channel. The technical and aesthetic characteristics of the Products may be modified from time to time. If an AC electric lock is used, an additional power supply ref. To configure the hardware central unit, readers, decoders, etc.

Central Unit — Possibility of several access control fermaxx along for managing and controlling the system. Property Management Unit guards the information and tools they need to provide first-class attentive service, protection and support to the most demanding of residents.

The guard unit has 3 operation modes: Choose your combination, design your panel in the next page form, and send your order to sales fermaxuk. For installation in lifts or garages, in order to make calls to concierge. Ffrmax F1 A1 F1 Electrical lock release. A single code for all emitters. You can choose the ring tone and set the volume. Permanent backlight keypad made in zamak with signal LEDs. ST1 x Loft Memokey dimensions: The keypad incorporates an access control function codes.

Goods for any guarantee excess of these. Joining bolts Connection cable Frame 5V S6 2u. Modules come in 2 sizes: The integrated digital audio technology ensures a high quality hands-free communication without interference.

Simplifies the installation and programming works. VIVO provides comprehensive and effective — Any other VIVO monitor in the same control over communication, security and installation and accepted as a friend. Multi Sistim Komunikasi — Fermax Audio dan Videophone When guards are absent calls can be forwarded to others on duty.

Kit flush box S8: Choose the right cable depending on the panel configuration: DUOX is the new digital system representing an innovative and technological leap in the intercom market. LYNX requieres a local area network. Cutting-edge technology and resistance fermaax even the most harshest of environments. Fermax Corporate The monitor has to be programmed depending on the number of apartments that are installed.

Universal Large decorative frame: All intellectual property and license rights reserved. Always colour TFT screen included. A switch is required.

P Series anti-panic designed for doors with antipanic bars. Included in modular decorative frame It is also an aesthetic element. It can be used in any communication point of an MDS system. It operates using three user profiles: A1 T1 Tn Loft telephone ref. TOP Related Posts.


Technical documentation

Up to cards stand-alone1. Input for exit button. The system is compatible with most of the switches preferably with PoE and QoS support. Door opening programmable timing. LYNX sets new standards for processing power and performance for video door entry system equipments allowing: Lock-release reversible and symmetrical. A power supply ref. The system has 2 operating modes: At video installation, one distributor ref.


Fermax Professional





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