Good or evil, all of them coexist within these pages. Boyd and Erik Mona, is a book of deities for the 3e Forgotten Realms. It was published in May Thus, tidbits of new Realmslore are also found throughout the book.

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To le rth the Ops mig Leo th 20 em Laan ewe va nn 2. Silvanus Trspact Special ability Finder Wyvernspur Garages Gargeoths Geumter,. Jeet Lira Lovitea. Ghaurada iaranstlee Selvetae, Viseraun Dwarven Penthion. Dupmaren Brightinanthe Damathoin Gorm Gulthya. Corellon Larethian. Deep Sesbehs.. Adapting the Tempe Garting the Payers Involved.

Winduaker oo Romper Turning Bschew Macias en Turing. Deis are not immortal, and many have did or ecu ecbora, Others have merely heer Forgaeten, left ea lumber on other planes, All dies i Torl are subject to Aa the Overgod. Ao cares not what the esis do, as long as thoy ophold their invita! Once 3 sity ic acexpte nto the panthcons af Tori, there is no difference the two group since each immigrant deity has a local ,imlupendeat of ether world based aspects be oF she might as.

However, the somber of seh Wor slhigers rarely expands beyond the cult stage before member of the pantheon chit claims primaey over that race, eultur, or rexion iminate the threat to their demesne. Inn ee, asthe Followers of Heim hare Karnes oth ss ee nbn proting th "evrctci of ter ect Like tempt fo fein in degen ct cai ites can prove qt srs, 4 Gyan lve dare gielly teeorae Within a faith ema he were erarchy of primacy, a ws the cure ecay i th chaech of Ggha czas eo the church of Bane or there maybe no central uning athe, fnh he choteho!

Opainary mortals do not have a divine rank of 0. They ack divine raph altogether, Rank 1-F; These enttcs calla demigols, are the weakest ofthe genuine dit. A demigo! For example, 2 detige of chives might be able to change ito item so that i sno longer recognizable. Lesser deities have anywhore from a few thowsnd to tens of thou: sands of worshipers and conrol larger golly realms chin demigeds They also uve Lavoe seis where their portfolios are concerned.

They are calle! A eis ase ld ape depends on it form pst or qundcuped and its sine Some detisare exceptions, with spe faster or slower than thesnorm. A-moetal makes a pact worshiping eiends vith a demon or dav, promising warship and secrificss in cschange for spells The agreement usually entails condemning. Any shapealtering clerics level a deity with no cleric levels hasan effective ceric level powers the dity might have work normally on itself.

Nor can it see through solid the benefit of che tose damage reduction in a given siuation. Ifthe same deity s attacked with any of is worshipers, oly sis, of other objects or locales sacred to respon of 14 or better, che deity wes damage reduction 4 -, cho deity.

No deity cam have more evs, Deitics ya alt the class featurcs for than four attacks derived strictly from its base atvack bones, 0. The Hi Die end 42 cls eves hs sing on toes Fort ir eat te ei a at ary thse lve. The blockage lasts 1 hour per divine rank. In adation, their senses exten! The number of suck Free actions a deity can per: Feem cach round sdetersined by the detys divine Fak. Greate Magic lems: A dcity of cank 1 or higher can cceate magic items telated to its gorefolio without aay regi item ere ation feat, provided that che deity posesies all other prerequsies Foe the ise.

The masimnam item vale a dsty ean create is fone: tion a ts divine rank. IF the deity chooses 2 ravs of fect, its sua power effectively becomes no fanetional Whea two or more dete?

Affected beings jst sare atthe deity in Fascination. They can defend themselves sormally bat can take actions Fright Affect beings become saken and suffer a? Te cyace enka Uk consti arc vith the deity, bo i ually i some vii phenomcnon etn betce it change the weal crs atbeing i csinale Aids communication jouer ca com planes and penetrate aay ter Once communion is ated he diy ean Cntnus ca fait ah fee ato url dees to en the commotion.

DA Gey cn ny bal ts sae tone omens eh Bia sie can fates tote Ge tne oe Hemote Seay stone fishy Natl Hae ty of onk 1 oe Hee Is a location tat Sete wc rerlace persnal raiders sacs chamber, iad Se eaes a raven Fcc dey wars accepted hin is gly real BaP tio ase wets Codtal orn in enventnen Wid sate, cecruing the fetpeatae ead einer cleats of th I es ra arctan hermes eT vat? Sounds can be no lane tha one bn hel humarn cel mak, the deity could crate the sounds of an invdbe cho, bee jungle full of rasoue bids or similar scandy at oe intelligible speech or farmful sud, This conte et sennd ilar to th glut reed pelo caple of prod Hpac Urge etna of ou.

The deity can desigate certain locales within the realm where astral links femain intact. Likewise, the deity cin block o f the realm from planar poctals or designate locations where portals are posible. A deity of rank 11 higher can also apply the enhanced masic for apo! Ax 2 standard action, the deity can specify a new cnvironme neal condition. The ehange gradually fas effect over the nest 10 mines Changing astral Links, plovar traits, or terain requires mere for, andthe deity must bor fora year and a day to change them, Doring this time, che deity muse spend 8 hours day on the project Daring the rerstining 16 hours of each day, the deity ca pet?

The astral links, planar alts and terrain remain unchanged until the labor is complete. Rather thn ing anotiee deity to perform sonic task, the deity simply from som eve power Te ay the expernes en cat th tess og eles hee ae i Lsrropuetion Wizard has the sili 2 rea any ercatare of given ind!

For exemple, ose rics of EG. Turning ar rebuke ing undead isnot a granted power, but aeleic class ability. This is why deities can make such free use of their slass to domain powers and why they can use their domain spells as ec a.

Dama Powers The domain powers the deity ewe Ta vom eases 1 eity has ccess toa domain power that is irrelevant.

For example, deities with the Travel Seeman can ws both telepar the Fah ew.


Faiths and Pantheons



AD&D 3rd Edition - Forgotten Realms - Sourcebook - Faiths and Pantheons


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