Epurbloc руб. Очистные системы Sotralentz Plastepur Epurbloc представляют собой монолитные ёмкости из полиэтилена высокой плотности, выполненного методом выдавливания под давлением. Толщина стенок Plastepur Epurbloc более 10мм. Очистные сооружения Epurbloc включают в себя первичный отстойник для осаждения твёрдых фракций канализационных стоков, поэтому отпадает необходимость в установке предварительного отстойника, что значительно снижает стоимость всей канализационной системы.

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Grorr The level of the inlet point to the unit must take into account: Certain specific cases need more care during installation, these include: The victim demonstrates non-execution of a contract.

It gives general recommendations that are not necessarily applicable in every situation. All plantations epurlboc underground works are forbidden All passage of rainwater into F. The Epurbloc Septic Tank L The Epurbloc septic tank or as it is known in the UK as the super low profile septic tank is a unique type of tank eputbloc to its construction and functionality here are some of its main features: The topsoil in the are must be removed and stored elsewhere, so as to allow its reuse at the finish of the works After removal of all the other soil, once the excavation is finished, the bottom of the hole must e at least 20cm below the level chosen for the lowest part of the unit to be buried, thereby allowing 20cm bed of stabilized sand.

Compartment containing integrated 1. Principal Pre-Treatment Units undersized for regular use ; Date of the last emptying e. Delivered with reinforced cap for use in public areas. M deflector on the lower half and air vents on the top half, allowing decompression and venting of gas 3. When the raw domestic wastewater density 1. After sizing the excavation, the area for the installation must be laid out as close to the building as is possible, in addition to avoiding all surface loads mobile or immobile.

This slot does not allow any gas evacuation. The arrival of raw domestic wastewater into the septic tank causes a wave a rise of water in the septic tank.

Expect to use concrete sill anchorage in the presence of high water table. Outlet of infiltration bed of a vertical flow, non-drained sand filter, in reconstituted soil. It is designed so as to avoid all risks of the chamber being trampled, deformed or squashed The lateral backfill with sand should be free of all sharp or pointed objects and must take into account the settling of the ground.

All planting is to be avoided within 3 meters of the purification system III. The optional riser is simply threaded into place. Made from high density polyethylene using extrusion-blowmoulding, providing: Presence of non-degraded matter outside of a rectangular or cylindrical Pre-Treatment Units or a holding tank F.

Screw the cap onto the riser. Close We use cookies to offer you the best experience on our site. Sotralentz EPURBLOC sewage set with filtration tunnels Saturation or clogging or non- liquefaction of solid matter or clogging of pipes bringing household wastewater 1. The inspection caps should be left clear and visible for maintenance.

In the case where a fault is identified by our technical staff, we will replace defective parts which must be returned to us or missing parts to be detailed as missing on the delivery note and by registered post to the delivery firm within 72 hours, 3 working days including Saturdaysbut will not be held accountable for any other associated costs. Illustrations 3D and diagrams: Gases moving through a tube bend of 45 degrees or more collide with the inside surface and bounce back towards epurblocc point of origin the septic tank.

At the extremity of infiltration beds of non-drained vertical sand filters, in reconstituted soil 3. Separators Brands Turtle Enviro Klargester. The septic tank or as it is known in the UK as the super low profile septic tank is a unique type of tank thanks to its construction and functionality here are some of its main features:. Watertight collar Geotextile filtroplus Grill filtrogrill Impermeable membrane Anti-puncture geotextile option sold separately 9. The final back-fill is done in successive layers to the point where it reaches the natural level of the surrounding terrain, whilst also leaving the access points visible and accessible, and taking into account subsequent consolidation.

Final surface finish, cast iron cap EN Road markings completed. Public service for non-mains sewage and wastewater disposal. Public spaces, cafes, car parks, public W. Fins on the surface of the beads capture organic matter contained in domestic wastewater; they hook matter on surface contact. Outlet of infiltration bed of eppurbloc vertical flow, drained sand filter. The connection of channelling should only be done after lateral backfilling has been completed.

Sewage treatment unit insurance ANC insurance Which installations are subject to obligatory year insurance? During cistern auto-flushing a high-flow, dosing feeds into the aerobic treatment device. Treatment units and their accessories The primary treatment units, secondary treatment units and their accessories must be transported, stocked and manhandled such that they are protected from eprbloc, notably physical damage likely to cause premature failure.

Distance between the distribution system irrigation and bore holes, wells, sources or harvesters of water for human consumption at a minimum of 35m from the treatment facility according to the current local regulations. Related Posts.


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