If a game was really worth anything, it would be for sale. Yeah, you get it for free - but then you have to print it, glue it together, mount it, and otherwise spend countless hours on it just so you can get out of paying for a game. Who has time for that? I looked at the rules, and asked around, and then noticed that a friend of mine was one of the testers. He said it was worth a try, so I figured what the heck, I could give it a shot.

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Tags: build , Dungeon Plungin , gaming , miniature , miniatures , paper miniatures , Paper Standee As part of getting myself back into the old paper craft miniature rhythm I had to re learn how to use my new cutter properly on my new PC.

So for practice I decided to pull together another copy of Dungeon Plungin. To help strengthen the taller miniatures I added a wire spine. Basically I grabbed a cheap wire garbage bag tie mine were paper wrapped and cut it to length. Then I glued the tie vertically from the top of the miniature to the bottom.

For the practice I recreated most of the cut files from scratch. I played around with the colours on the miniatures so they are not all the same colour, other than that they are all stock standard. Next we have the Orcish raider and Troll Lair Quest. The next quest is the Witch of the West Wood, Onemonk created the miniatures for the quest back in so they have a more Onemonk feel and the whole quest and the monsters has a tongue in cheek feel with dire bunnies, squirrels and O-Wee-O guards.

As with the other monsters in the other quests I did some minor recolours. A long time ago I did mod some standing rats and you can see those in my builds below, you can grab those from the Oversoul Games forum. Some of the quests reuse the miniatures from V3, some are a mix and others are all new.

For the moment you can grab all the V4 3. One of the major changes between V3 and V4 is the toughness of the monsters so the mix and levels are a little different. I did not make any mods to any of the miniatures as they are currently subject to change as the version evolves.

Both The Where Wolf , Castle Gryphon and Trolls Lair quest, consist of Greenskins, Wolves and a few gargoyles, no new monsters so no extra pictures for those three quests. In the base monster pack for V4 there are other monsters included either for you to create your own quests or possibly as the Oversoul crew have something planned. Below in no particular order are the additional monsters included in the base monster pack for DP V4. As for my DP set I just need to finish creating some room decorations, primarily chests and maybe a few tables.

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