He believed that it was for the man of letters to record these epiphanies with extreme care, seeing that they themselves are the most delicate and evanescent of moments. Samuel Riba ve su futuro. No hablemos de opuestos. Hablemos de Nabokov. Bloom permanece junto a su creador en la parte final de Ulysses, Stephen Dedalus es el alter-ego de James Joyce.

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Vojin A great misfortune in any case, for the inner life of life and also for all those who still desire to use the word subjectively, to strain and stretch it towards thousands of connections of light still to be established in the great darkness of the world. Enrique Vila-Matas — Wikipedia My biography is my catalogue. Now his social life is imploding.

And have his parents, who must be 80 or 90 years old, really visited the exhibition in Tate Modern with him? One central conclusion in the novel seems to say: Bezeichnend auch seine Aussage der ich ja auch bis zu einem gewissen Via zustimmen mag: He gathers three friends, they go, and perhaps you can guess what happens. Love for the world, bathing in the streams of an opaline, tender rain, feels eternal and beautifully refracted.

Some of these authors were unknown to me. The important thing is not that the print age is foundering. Finally Riba pulls himself together and decides to undertake a trip to Dublin. Marcello Foissec. Toni Marainiter. He begins to project. Dublinesque Alessandro Zaccuriter. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A profoundly humane book. Impalpably the reader, impalpably I become part of this novel.

It helps to have at least a familiarity with Ulysses; Riba and by extension, his creator provide fascinating interpretative snippets as the book propels forward. For that, I am assigning it 5 stars. The loss of the author. Maybe a meditation on writing, writers, and readers. Had my enthusiasm for the book been misguided? Over pages I had no problems not knowing what is actually happening and what might be a daydream.

Giorgio Falcoter. Enrique Vila-Matas Green Fields dublinexca France Javier de Galloy: Fortunately, the days of famine are not yet here, and from his latest raid into the literary jungle Vila-Matas has brought home a fine specimen of that most endangered of intellectual species, the literary publisher. Jul 30, Jim Elkins rated it it was ok Shelves: June, then, turns into a disaster, and July vla no better. Transmigration of souls through time and space via intertextuality transport.

It was incredibly intense. Riba sets off for a phantasmagorical journey to Dublin in order to find the person he himself has been in a former pre-publisher life, before he was obscured by the catalogue of books he published. Always someone turns up you never dreamed of. For fear of starting to drink again he avoids having engagements with former colleagues and friends. TOP 10 Related.


Dublinesca de Enrique Vila-Matas

Alicias y peterpanes me preguntan por ti lunes, 7 de febrero de Dublinesca, de Enrique Vila-Matas Hoy tenemos el honor de que sea el mismo Vila-Matas el que nos presente su novela, citando, contando, comentando, paseando por Dublin. Todos los pubs irlandeses tienen ese aroma a penumbra y ese sabor a madera, esas ganas de quedarse horas y horas, guiness tras guiness. Ahora, como en Irlanda, salimos a fumar a la puerta, y vemos pasear a las turistas por estos soportales plazamayorescos. Los paisajes de Enrique Vila-Matas: el paisaje exterior sobrio de un cuarto, blanquinegro de una calle lluviosa, o el paisaje interior. Vila-Matas no es Umbral, ni viceversa.



La obra juega con las casualidades que suscita el Ulises de Joyce. Ahora que lo dices, el clima que estas palabras reflejan es el de tantas novelas irlandesas. La literatura irlandesa es genial. Ha elegido para protagonizar su novela a un editor jubilado de su edad. Si te fijas, hay muy pocos escritores que hayan ficcionado a los editores Es un conjunto de personas que he conocido. Es la novela de un viaje, y en cierto modo el viaje es una huida, un viaje interior

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