Vura Self-Healing Power and Therapy: Self-Healing Power and Therapy is based on the Bantu-Kongo teachings on the art of healing, which are devoted to assisting the human being in understanding the key principles that govern life. High to Low Avg. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

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Tausida Holding Up That Which Holds You Up [no matter what that is to you] is keeping this living divine order to bless us and to hold us up to justice, to success, to life and to happiness for all, collectively. We speak of the four force fields of the universe — the weak force, the strong force, gravity, and electromagnetism. However, he does supply evidence for the ultimate root throughout the text, which will be supplied throughout our discourse.

African Cosmology of the Bantu Kongo: In comparison to the god Imn, whom the ram was also a sacred association, the word mnmn. However, the Afrim people took this Akan God, renamed him Yahweh, and personalized him in the image of a God of the Afrim people, a God that would fight for the Afrim people against all enemies. Log In Sign Up. The resultant version would pose a problem in meaning. The Egyptian Religion is the syncresis of African totemism and animism with Semitic nature worship.

African Foundations of European Civilization and Thought. We can see that this is a common word for cattle in African languages. Modern Computing and Dr. We suggested earlier a possible correlation between jtm and jmn; both ultimately deriving from the same linguistic sources and being variants of the same conceptual reality.

Fu-Kiau was an individual who helped to bridge the gap relativity the geometrical properties of space-time were conceived as modified locally by the presence of an object with mass.

This spirit among the Igbo of south eastern Nigeria is known as Kalu k-l whom you hear in the crack and boom of thunder. Normally is rendered as either ra or Hrw. It is the unseen, the limitless power beyond 8 Dr. This is possible if one is conceived of as the base as well as that which emanates from the base. He was instructed in Kimpasi by local ngangas masters, specialists, doctors. Amen-Ra Theological Seminary Press. The ciLuba language supports this interpretation as well as the following table demonstrates.

O Amen Ra, you shepherd who cares for your flock in the early morning, and leads the hungry to pasture. John Benjamins Publishing Company. Click here to sign up. One must learn how to know it, accept, become and live like it, i.

Hilliard brought out of this book intrigued me so much that I just had to get my hands on it. A Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage. What is worthy of further examination is the hawk or falcon in the R13 glyph. The Norton History of Astronomy and Cosmology. The ram is a kind of cattle, and we see this reflected in the Egyptian records. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Although this is a very important name for practitioners of the Hebrew faith, it turns out that the word itself is not inherently Hebrew. Williams in his work Hebrewisms of West Africa: This fact has compelled scholars to speculate far and wide as to the meaning of this name.

A History to The Africans Who Wrote the Bible: Bantu languages provide a confirmatory achievement from what is known in the Egyptoglogical records and offers an explanatory achievement for what is not known in Egyptian studies regarding the conceptualization and application of the God Imn.

Although the book is small, it is packed with valuable information. The two outer curves of the adinkra symbol above represent a spiral coil that represents the infinite expansion of the universe.

An Introduction Into African Languages. The Journal of Pan African Studies, vol. Imn was also considered a solar deity. Without this fundamental principle, one could not conceive of an expanding universe. TOP 10 Related.



Jared Ball 6 years ago In this fascinating presentation Dr. Bunseki Fu-Kiau with a wide-ranging and powerful look at African perspectives on health, hip-hop and community. Bolden, Ph. One, particularly a master fundi , becomes an nkulu ancestor by the virtue of leading a balanced life, which is evaluated by the bukulu ancestors and the living who choose to elevate the recent ancestor to the status of an nkulu balanced ancestor. These proverbs fit well for our recent beloved Nkulu ancestor Tata K. Fu-Kiau was an nganga healer initiated into the highest KiKongo systems of learning.


Dr. K. Bunseki Fu-Kiau

Holding Up Dr. The Kongo Origins of the Jesus Myth. A Year Love Story. Essays in the four fields of anthropology.


Born in Manianga, Congo, he was educated in both Western and African systems of thought. There, he founded Luyalungunu Lwa Kumba-Nsi Institute, a pioneering education center dedicated to exploring and documenting traditional Kongo culture. His research and development work at the Institute laid bare the African philosophy of ancient Bantu educational institutions, which has had a significant effect on major western scholars including Drs. Robert F. Thompson, John M. Janzen and Wyatt MacGaffey. Essentially, the cultural philosophy espoused by President Mobutu of Zaire on which he firmly established his national programme of Aughtenticite was based on the works of Fu-Kiau.

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