Domestic shipping rates apply to the lower 48 states only. Any chance you have a spare DSP Farm card? This setup has been fully tested and works great. Lived in a studio.

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These were the first Pro Tools systems I had direct hands-on experience of, first installing them and then using them at the BBC in Manchester, England. They were 4 Tracks on a good day and came with a massive 1GB drive. How far we have come! Thanks Bob for letting us show this here. Pro Tools 3. Avid was a major customer of Digidesign as Avid used the Digidesign cards and interfaces for the audio side of their products.

However, but after the merger, both companies continued to operate independently in the market. AudioVision, based on Digidesign components with an Avid software front end for post-production and ADR, was given to Digidesign product development but was subsequently quietly dropped, even though it included some great features including folders in the clip list, a feature still not included in the current version It was still capable of 16 track record-playback and expansion to 48 tracks with additional cards, just like its Nubus predecessors.

The introduction of bit technology not only brought a higher resolution but at the same time provided track playback on each card, more DSP performance and moved away from the Digidesign on-board SCSI technology. Finally, you could use commercially available SCSI cards to connect to multiple hard drives. Other new features added to Pro Tools 4. I then supplied a similar system to one of my clients and they used it to edit an American road trip documentary series on the road as they were travelling.

ProControl provided motorised, touch-sensitive faders, knobs, and switches designed for maximum accessibility to Pro Tools recording, mixing, and editing functions. ProControl also included an analog Control Room section, for monitoring control and studio communication. Pro Control used Ethernet connectivity to the host computer. Each Fader Pack provided 8 additional fader strips and controls. Up to five Fader Packs could be used in conjunction with one Main Unit.

An Edit Pack provided a pair of touch-sensitive, motorised joysticks, built in Pro Tools keyboard, high-resolution metering, and other features for surround mixing and professional production environments.

View fullsize Digidesign Pro Tools V5. New audio editing tools were added including a new Object Grabber and Separation Grabber, as well as a time compression and expansion mode to the Trim tool. Two of the analog inputs had microphone pre-amplifiers with gain control and phantom power. I installed a lot of these into radio production facilities both inside and outside the BBC here in the UK. It offered a sample-accurate view of MIDI and audio tracks in a single window, eliminating the need to shuffle between multiple windows.

It worked with bit or bit sessions of audio, had RTAS support and worked with any interface, not just Digidesign interfaces.


Digidesign Digi 002 & Digi 002 Rack Basic Manual



Digidesign 882 I/O



Digidesign 96 I Manual



Images : Digidesign 882 I/O


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