Download Now Take a trip in a sip, a journey through time and place via the cocktail glass. Because--without a backstory--a cocktail is nothing more than spirits and mixers. But spike that drink with an anecdote about the people, places, and circumstances that influenced its creation, and imbibers are instantly transported. The book itself is like a classic cocktail, with its iconic, vintage appeal. Mixed media illustrations by award-winning Danish artist Poul Lange feature vintage bottle labels, postcards, and magazine images. More than a sum of its parts, Storied Sips is a book about living the good life, treating oneself to a dash of civilized escapism at the end of a busy day.

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My favourite part: the rating of the drinks. They range from 1 star disgusting to 5 stars excellent with hilarious gradations in between There is plenty of info for new and experienced bartenders alike Cocktail, anyone?

Canadian Living star review This is a visually appealing, easy-to-use guide for accomplished bartenders and newcomers alike. Library Journal xPress Reviews Easy to follow, straight up.

Newsday The 11th edition of this boozy reference guide is the essential tome for your serious, hardcore cocktailian. Vancouver Sun A great addition to most public libraries needing some new life in their collection. His experience includes running his own bar, founding his own import company and establishing brands. Most helpful customer reviews 9 of 9 people found the following review helpful.

This is a huge collection of recipes, presented in alphabetical order by the name of the drink; i. Each recipe includes a small color photograph of the drink and a short, straightforward description of its ingredients and preparation.

But considering that I can find any drink recipe and a lot more in an instant on the internet, I really wanted the book to offer something more; something of the magic and romance of mixology. But there is little of that here.

I would expect an encyclopedic treatment to include a thorough index, but all this has is an index by specific brands of liquor with whose proprietors the editors have partnered. For example, the Young Man Cocktail is rated 4 stars in the book, but only 1 star on the website; the Amatitan Twist is rated 4 stars in the main part of the book, but 5 stars in the back, under the Luxardo Maraschino Originale heading in the featured brand index.

A great compendium of drink recipes. By Rawim So you know how there are all those drink books out there, which just have page and page of drink recipes, that only give you the name, the ingredients and amounts, and five words on how to mix them?

There are a lot of those out there. And they mostly stink. This book is like those, but does it sooo much better. So you get recipes arranged alphabetically. I have seen some complaints about this, from people who think that the recipes should be arranged by main ingredient.

So being listed alphabetically does not bother me. After a nice introductory section covering all the basics, you get the recipes. Each drink is then listed by name, and then you are told whether it is a new recipe or perhaps a key recipe.

A key recipe is a drink that can be made with a combination of the 14 key ingredients listed at the beginning of the book. Quite a nice feature if you are just starting out, and building your home bar, put together the 14 key ingredients and you can easily make a couple hundred drinks from this book. So you get a name, and an indicator or new or key. The you get a rating from disgusting to excellent.

You given a color photo of the drink, so y ou can either see if you may want to try it, or how you may want your finished product to look. Next, a recommended glass to serve the drink in. A recommended garnish. And method to use when making the drink. Then you get the actual recipe.

I equate a shot to an ounce, but you could also just use a small shot glass then to make all of your drinks. So if you are just looking for a book with a huge amount of recipes, this is the best book out there for that. Are there better books, with more information, or maybe better organized, or even with better drinks, perhaps. The this remains the best presentation of a large group of drink recipes I have seen yet. If you have a question about the book, feel free to leave a comment below and I will try to answer it.

Great Compendium of Recipes By jrl One complaint of prior editions of this book was the lack of an ingredient index. I purchased this book based on the over recipes and the promise of an ingredient index to help me locate recipes containing certain ingredients. I received a good-looking book with a great layout and professional photos and appearance.

It certainly has the recipes, but the index is not quite as expected. There is a list of name brands at the end of the book, and for each product there is a list of recipes in which they are used. All recipes are not indexed. The usual introductory information about the tools of the trade, techniques, and garnishes is also included.

I recommend it. See all 16 customer reviews


Diffordsguide Cocktails : The Bartender's Bible

Includes new recipes. Reviews of previous edition: Whether you take your drink shaken, stirred, on the rocks, or neat, you will still find plenty to keep you busy at the bar with this exceedingly useful resource. Will travel. Especially with this page hardcover bartending bible tucked under one arm.


Difford's Guide to Cocktails #12



Diffordsguide Cocktails #10 Free



Diffordsguide Cocktails: The Bartender's Bible


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