The leg shown horizontally above covers 3. This is a parts list for the W One thing I will mention about the traps used in this design : they are LC traps rather than coax types. The external coil is covered by a hard black epoxy-like covering and if you damage the covering then the trap is likely to fail after being subjected to wet weather.

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Shalmaran Diamond W The external coil is covered by a hard black epoxy-like covering and if you damage the covering then the trap is likely to fail after being subjected to wet weather.

Effectively, the extra WARC-bands trap dipole is similar to the original diamoond except the traps are coax rather than LC series construction. In due course, I will plot the SWR curves for these new bands and add it to this article.

Together with a friend of my, PA2Gwe build this antenna and published the experiment in our league magazine, a summary of this you can find on http: New to Ham Radio? The vendor replaced it with a new one in a jiffy, so good service.

Want it or not it has some directionality and so it i sbetter in som edirections, although it has a wide angle coverage. Mouse-over images for a larger view. Assembly was pretty straightforward with the usual high diamonr parts from Diamond.

Calculation for this are found on www. I apid more for the masts and for attaching well the masts to the wall. The experience is creating this add-on has led me to other coaxial trap projects — for example: Andrey, callsign deleted Russia, Belgorod My emailed response: If you are planning on duplicating diamon likes of a W then you need to pay attention to the lengths between the traps and take heed of how they originally set up the trap terminations: I used to sell these from my business and usually warned customers about using high power linears with them.

I heavily bandaged the balun with waterproofing tape as the screwed-on closure suggests potential rain ingress. Good luck and a lot of fun, perhaps see on the band once.

This just fits my backyard which is One important aspect is the tuning in the 80m band. In my case, I did not use the same termination arrangement as the Diamond original simply because the traps were very lightweight and the wire reasonably short — so little weight involved there too.

Ideally stainless steel diwmond should be used but good nickel plated should last a while anyway. To cross-check on the impedance and SWR details, you need to look at the following extract from their sheet: Related Articles.


Dipole Antenna

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Diamond W-8010 Doppeldipol 80/40/20/15/10m


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