Samudal Suggestion and complaint — CP services Assim como muita gente. Tickets must be purchased before boarding the train and there are barriers between the station concourse and the platforms. Mais uma das muitas vergonhas da CP. The old orange ferries cross to Cacilhas. There are multiple departures per hour, but it is best to avoid the ferry during the rush hour when it can be very crowded.

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Kazrakinos Suggestion and complaint — CP services Therefore, the recommended means of travel from Lisbon to Cascais is by train. The information presented is the responsibility of the competent authorities. Mas na volta, afinal, precisava de mais uma zona. Generally, Cais do Sodre is the better departure location.

Quando finalmente apanhamos o comboio, somos obrigados a vir amassados como sardinhas em lata. Picturesque town and best excursion from Cascais. For a guide about travel from the airport to Cascais please click here. What are the best day trips from Cascais? Lisbon to Cascais by Train On website of cp it tells that dogs are allowed to travel. Competent authorities CP — Train Portugal. Bom dia, fiz ontem uma viagem de comboio de S. At the weekends the train service stops at every station along the line, while during the working week there is a fast train direct to Cascais and slower service that terminates at Oeiras.

Esbanjam publicidade de descontos There have been reports of petty crime occurring late at night on this train line, if travelling late always sit in the busiest carriage. Information and ability to perform online submission of suggestions and complaints related to the CP services. Gostaria de reclamar sobre a automotora do trajecto Beja — Casa Branca. The Lisbon to Cascais railway is a short urban line that extends the length of the Lisbon coastline. Estoril Introduction 1 week in Estoril Lisbon to Estoril.

Voces ainda t muito para melhorar para pior ja bateram o record da burice Things to do and see? E depois admiram-se de serem privatizados. The train fares are charged to the Viva Viagem card, which is the reusable public transport ticket for all of Lisbon. Cascais has a delightful historic centre, with a range of interesting tourist attractions, while the surrounding coastline comprises of beautiful sandy beaches. Agora tenho que esperar que decidam horarkos o meu din. There is no need to pre-book as there are always seats available and there is sufficient space for luggage.

E os compromissos das pessoas? O comboio chegou ao porto as 01h35, 26 minutos depois da hora prevista 01h Ribeira das Naus waterfront. Basta de maltratarem os passageiros. Ultima vez que viajei de Alfa Pendular. The last trains of the night depart from both Cascais and Lisbon at 0: Gostaria de reclamar cascwis da automotora que faz o percurso Casa Branca — Beja.

Merecemos e exigimos melhor! Sou um frequentador regular deste meio de transporte Lisboa — Beja -Lisboa. The train between Albufeira and Faro was covered with spray paint, obliterating the windows. The train route follows the coastline and provides some great views over the sea, for the best views sit on the left side when departing from Lisbon or right side from Cascais.

Mais uma vez o comboio das 9. Mais uma das muitas vergonhas da CP. Horarioe como muita gente. In Cais do Sodre, tickets can be purchased from the ticket office, which frequently has long queues, or from ticket machines. Related Posts.


Comboios Linha de Cascais: Presidente da Câmara contra medida da CP

Majar Paguei com multibanco e fui disparado a correr para o comboio. These machines have instructions in English linga most major European languages and are relatively straightforward to use. E depois admiram-se de serem privatizados. O mesmo abordava todos o clientes de um forma grosseira impropria de um profissional. Emilia Costa Alfa da tarde havia tido o mesmo problema. Digno de um pais do terceiro mundo.


Cascais - Cais do Sodré


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