Setting up and performing color inspections using these tools requires simple selection of a color region and then color training. There is no need to understand R-G-B values or other complicated machine vision concepts. The In-Sight C offers color image filtering in addition to grayscale filtering and allows you to train multiple color models using the color library to identify which color the target part is. Faster image filters on an In-Sight Full image speed is significantly higher with the In-Sight series - seven times faster running the closed filter and the edge magnitude filter than a two megapixel system.

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Download Product Guide Intuitive, Easy to Use EasyBuilder configuration software helps users of all experience levels to quickly setup their application—no programming knowledge required. This easy-to-use interface walks you through the process of setting up your vision application, step by step. Working from an image of the part, four simple steps complete the application setup: Start - Find an In-Sight vision system on the network, then be guided through triggering the vision system and setting up scale and nonlinear calibrations.

Set up tools - After finding the part, a library of more than 22 vision tools is available to inspect the part. Configure - A point-and-click communications setup provides easy selection of data to be sent, and the protocol to use for communicating to a PLC, robot, or HMI for data collection and archiving results.

Finish - In the deployment mode, colorful tool graphics, a results table, and a filmstrip control to review images simplify troubleshooting the application and identifying bad parts. Setup your own applications to ensure a low cost of ownership The In-Sight Explorer spreadsheet view provides a robust, flexible and efficient way to configure the vision tools and handle the data created from a vision application.

The In-Sight spreadsheet includes specialized functions, options and operations that allow you to solve complex applications without ever writing a line of code. Ease-of-use for fast deployment A spreadsheet view of the In-Sight Explorer software interface makes the user experience very satisfying. Drag and drop vision tools and graphics palette along with menu-driven tool property sheets makes job configuration simple.

With no programming needed, applications are deployed quickly. In addition to Easy Builder, In-Sight Explorer offers a more powerful Microsoft Excel-like environment for configuring more advanced applications. You can take advantage of the EasyBuilder configuration platform along with the power of the spreadsheet view with the flexibility of round tripping back and forth. Learn more about In-Sight Explorer Software.


Cognex In-Sight 5110 Manual



In-Sight 4.10.05 PR1 Firmware-Only Release


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