History[ edit ] Early history and initial public offering[ edit ] Ciena was founded in [1] by electrical engineer David Huber, who studied the commercialization of fiber-optic technology during his tenure at General Instrument GI starting in He initially struggled to get companies to see value in applying fiber-optic technology to cable television, until Jon Bayless with Sevin Rosen Funds visited the laboratory for a demonstration in October Bayless offered funding immediately. Huang, another former colleague, to accept the sales chief role.

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Question with a best answer. I can provide some guidance into some of these values, but I know there are others in this forum that have more experience configuring traffic-profiles in their networks, and am hoping some can provide some further insight. In regards to deriving a PIR for your traffic-profile, it depends in you want to give your untagged service on port 1 extra bandwidth above 20M, when unused bandwidth is available on the egress port and network.

If you want to strictly enforce that no more than 20M of your untagged service enters your network, then the PIR should be equal to your CIR of Otherwise if you wish to allow the untagged service to consume unused bandwidth above 20M when it is available , you can set the PIR to any value above CIR that you wish up to the line rate of the ingress port. Now for CBS and EBS, there are many different theories and variables involved to derive these values, including the max frame size you are permitting on that port, the configured CIR and PIR, and the frame types of your traffic.

So it all depends on how much and how long of a traffic burst above your CIR or PIR you want to permit for that service or connection before dropping frames.

If you require a more detailed and specific assistance to your question, please request further assistance through Ciena support or through your Ciena account team. Otherwise if you have any further followup or similar questions, please feel free to share them here. Best Regards,.


Basic Configuration in Ciena SAOS



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