The protagonist, James suffers from anger management difficulties, often landing him in trouble. These anger management issues were what got him expelled from school in The Recruit , in which he is recruited into CHERUB following the death of his mother. James has had many girlfriends, notably Kerry Chang and Dana Smith, both fellow agents. He is said to be intelligent particularly at maths but being extremely lazy in school as well.

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The protagonist, James suffers from anger management difficulties, often landing him in trouble. These anger management issues were what got him expelled from school in The Recruit , in which he is recruited into CHERUB following the death of his mother. James has had many girlfriends, notably Kerry Chang and Dana Smith, both fellow agents. He is said to be intelligent particularly at maths but being extremely lazy in school as well.

He ends up dating Kerry again at the end of Brigands M. Following the death of Yosyp Kazakov on a mission, he is offered the vacant post of training instructor by chairwoman Zara Asker, eventually accepting and becoming a junior staff member, then eventually being promoted and becoming a mission controller by the end of New Guard.

It is in Man vs Beast that she turns vegetarian, after seeing the cruelty suffered by animals used for laboratory tests. She goes on her first solo mission in the 7th book The Fall where she tries to help a young Russian girl called Anna who had been trafficked by Russian men but got separated and rescued.

Lauren ends up being kidnapped by the men along with Anna and has to fight her way out. When she returns to campus she takes out her anger at what she saw on James but they reconcile later. They became simply friends again somewhere between The Fall and Mad Dogs but later dated each other again although they have an argument in Brigands M. Lauren eventually travels to live in Australia following her retirement from CHERUB and enters racing championships with partner Rat, excelling in the sport.

Kyle is renowned around campus for his unauthorized DVD business. Kyle expresses that while Tom is a target, that he believes that Tom is a good person at heart. Kerry is recruited to CHERUB in , after losing both her parents in an apartment block fire in , and being found wandering the streets alone.

In The General Kerry breaks up with Bruce in the very end. She ends up going out with James in the end of Brigands M. Kerry has an exceptional talent in martial arts and as James describes " She also becomes a mission controller. First appearing in Divine Madness, Rat was brought up under harsh physical conditions in the Australian Outback, as youngest and 33rd son of the leader of a famous cult known as The Survivors.

He secretly shares a relationship with Lauren, later telling everyone that they are going out in The Fall, but in Mad Dogs they decide to be "just friends". Rat is the main agent character in the story Dark Sun. James met Bruce when he had his martial arts test, and has since been on missions with him. Though he acts tough, he sleeps with a blue teddy bear called Jeremy although he denies this whenever it is brought up by saying "it was on a shelf above my bed, and it fell".

He often talks of how much he enjoys brawls and James is often slightly concerned with how twisted Bruce can be toward violence. However, the last line of The General mentions that Kerry and Bruce have had a row and had broken up. He later goes out with Bethany Parker and has sexual intercourse with her, but they break up, too. In Mad Dogs he goes with James in their mission to infiltrate the Mad Dogs football club and is given a black shirt by Zara for his outstanding performance.

For starting a relationship with an active-duty agent and doing so as a CHERUB staff member, Bruce is permanently banned from any further employment by CHERUB and exiled from the organisation for three years, a sentence he describes as "totally worth it" in the epilogue. Dana Smith[ edit ] Born in Their relationship began while James was still involved with Kerry.

From Australia, she is well built, curvy and has large breasts. She is a tomboy and often wears beat up, ripped clothing. She is also a bookworm, her favorite book being The Lord of the Rings. At one point she attempts to make James read it to no avail. She has an intense dislike for people who are of higher rank but younger than her. She plays her most prominent role in Divine Madness where she goes on a mission with James and Lauren and earns her navy shirt. At the end of the novel, they begin their relationship and participate in a campus-wide food fight instigated by Kerry and Dana fighting.

In The General split up after she cheated on him with Michael Hendry who she briefly dated for 4 weeks after the end of her month relationship with James. At the time Michael was also in a relationship. She reconciles with James at the end of The General. It is revealed that James actually loved her.

Dante made his first appearance in Brigands M. According to Muchamore , he is the most important character introduction since Rat in Divine Madness. He rescues his eighteen-month-old sister Holly and they both escape. After two months, he was recruited to CHERUB with Lauren , and began training at the same time as her, completing it while she had to restart. Four years later he had spent the past 32 months on a mission in Belfast, enough to go straight from grey to black shirt after Zara bent the rules slightly.

He then went on a mission with Lauren and James in Brigands M. In , her father and younger brother died in a blimp accident, and her mother died of throat cancer.

Amy is physically strong and skilled in karate , judo and aikido. She excels at sports, especially swimming and diving. She is described as extremely beautiful. In Class A, she taught James computer hacking skills he needed during his mission. She moved to Australia to live with her brother John, got a job as a security guard, then began studying Marine Biology at the University of Cairns in Australia. She also appeared in Divine Madness and Shadow Wave.

She has also appeared in the Aramov trilogy. Shakeel was on basic training with James and Kerry. His father was an asylum seeker from Egypt who died as a result of a heart attack. He excels at team sports, especially rugby, which makes up for his underperformance in academic subjects by CHERUB standards.

He is a good friend of James. He often makes sexist jokes which infuriate Kerry Chang, who then takes it out on James. Shakeel is described as having let himself go by James during New Guard , and now weighs in excess of kilograms.

Nicole started basic training with James and Kerry, but dropped out on her first day, after being told she was too fat. She eventually completed basic training, but was permanently excluded from CHERUB after snorting cocaine in Class A, being resettled on a farm with a foster family.

She has an intense disliking for old people, as her parents and two brothers were killed by a half-blind old man who ran them over but got away with it, because the authorities judged him not as aware of his actions. After the Government ran tests on him, it turned out that he could barely see past his own nose.

Because of this, she views most elderly people in a negative light. Things went catastrophically wrong as Gabrielle got stabbed, but the mission carried on. He and James had a fight during a football match. James makes him cry in The Killing by slapping him after his breakup with Kerry. He went out with Bethany before she dumped him for Bruce Norris. He is known as "one of the coolest guys on campus", having won all martial art competitions which he had entered, as well as having an exceptional success rate on missions.

He is described as physically fit and good looking. He is known for getting girls, having sex, and then treating them like dirt because he prefer relationships which last for a short time, not long-term, which has led to Kerry Chang labeling him a scumbag for doing so in his profile on the CHERUB website. In Mad Dogs, she almost dies after getting stabbed. She breaks up with her boyfriend Michael in The General when she discovers him cheating on her.

Her brother is Jake Parker, and she obtains her navy shirt at the start of The Sleepwalker. Her parents died in a sightseeing helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon in She is described as medium build with dark hair and green eyes, and she is also described as having massive jugs by Ronan Walsh in The General.

She is expelled from CHERUB for keeping in contact with a boy she met on a mission after it had ended, and now lives close to campus. His parents died in a sightseeing helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon in He completed the training the first time, whereas Callum dropped out because of his broken arm after the basic training compound incident.

He had to drop out when he fractured his wrist, but completed training on his second attempt. He has a fear of heights, but he is rather rambunctious at times. His fear of heights and his anger, along with James and Bruce, help him through the pressure in The Fall. He earned his navy shirt at the end of Shadow Wave.


The Sleepwalker

On board the plane, things take a sudden turn for the worse — something makes a huge noise, and it turns turtle, before righting itself, only to lose height. Elsewhere, a horrendously stereotyped Asian family father all dodgy business and threats of deportation, mother merely subject to physical abuse, covering it up with lies and veils, child a confused and violent loner might also have something to do with the downing of the plane. How everything ties together may well make a great book, but this is not it. It disappoints me to say the escapades at night — some especially difficult training exercise — take us almost halfway through the book.


The next day, Fahim discovers that Yasmin has disappeared. Feeling that the information adds up to a case worth looking into, Mac accompanies Lauren and Jake on a mission to befriend Fahim to obtain information from him. Asif arrives Hassam declares that the security services on to their activities and prepares to kill Sylvia, but Fahim reveals that he allowed the house to be bugged. Asif tars the dick of Fahim and Hassam away to a warehouse and stays to retrieve passports and money while Fahim and Hassam flee to a safe house. On the way, Hassam admits that he killed Yasmin.


Its agents are aged between ten and seventeen years. Cherubs are mainly orphans who have been taken out of care homes and trained to work undercover. Quite a lot. They range from cooks and gardeners to teachers, training instructors, nurses, psychiatrists and mission specialists. NAVY is a reward for outstanding performance on a single mission. There was a line of freshly planted saplings along the path that led to the main entrance, new floor tiles in the main building and an enormous satellite dish in the gravel outside the mission preparation building.


It was released in February The book features Lauren Adams and Jake Parker in the lead roles, investigating an airline crash that a mentally disturbed boy called Fahim claims was caused by his father. Meanwhile, James Adams has a subplot doing work experience with Kerry Chang at a fast food restaurant. Plot[ edit ] A plane crashes over the Atlantic, killing all passengers on board, including the wife, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren of former CHERUB chairman Dr. Terrence "Mac" McAfferty. A distressed year-old boy, Fahim Bin Hassam, calls the air crash investigation hotline and attempts to implicate his father Hassam, but gives in to his fear before he can relay any significant information.

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