Sign in to view read count I like to solo, but I like it to be rhythmic and musical. So many drum solos end up being demonstrations of technique People looking for the magic elixir, the Fountain of Youth, should stop looking and start jazz drumming. How did that title come about? Charlie Persip: The irony is the title came from Dizzy.

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About Charli Persip is a master drummer, bandleader, and educator. Concurrent with his performing activities, Charli has earned a reputation as a superb educator. As a teacher Charli ranks among the best. He is a popular attraction at drum clinics and lecture demonstrations at the nations most prestigious schools, such as Howard University, University of Massachusetts, Ohio State University, and North Texas State University.

Much of the information in this book has never been published in any other drum book. The history of the drum set, the importance of listening, tips on equipment, tuning and practicing, the art and science of accompaniment see the role and responsibilities of the drummer through the eyes, ears and experience of one of the best.

It is recommended as required reading for all students who include the drum set in their ensembles. Date With Dizzy The emergence of Supersound as a major musical experience is underscored by its latest recording "Intrinsic Evolution" Charli Persip has been the uncrowned king of modern big band drumming for over half a century.

He is among the very few who created the approach for driving post-swing large ensembles, and he continues to set the pace with Supersound. Through its diversity of moods and its focus on young writers and players, Supersound also finds Persip taking the lead in mentoring the stars of the future, much as he was mentored by Dizzy Gillespie.

This is a band that covers a lot of musical territory, all well. Tracks from these recordings are currently being played on jazz stations throughout the world, especially in the Greater New York area, which is home base for the band See More Biography Charli Persip born July 26, , is an American jazz drummer. From to he toured as a drummer and conductor with Billy Eckstine. Along with his performing activities, Persip has earned a reputation as an educator.

Since , he has been instructor of drums and music for Jazzmobile, Inc. Persip also currently leads Supersound, his jazz big band that was started in the mids as Superband. Their fourth album is Intrinsic Evolution. See More Current Location.


Charli Persip - How Not to Play Drums

A textbook example of how to play the drums, Persip has proven his worth in a wide variety of ensembles and handled the transitions from one group to the next without missing a beat. Learn from his experiences and share some of his insights in this practical, down-to-earth text. Throughout this highly unusual yet useful book, Mr Persip displays the knowledge gained by being one of the most in-demand players of the New York jazz scene. In a variety of chapters, each dedicated to tackling one particular musical issue, Mr Persip distributes sound, accessible advice for the working drummer, or anyone wishing to make music with his drumset for that matter. As the title indicates, concentration is not on drumming, but on what surrounds drumming in a musical context and in everyday life, with very little space alotted to the rudimental practice of the instrument.


Charli Persip



Charli Persip – How Not To Play Drums


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