De tal manera debes obrar, querido Lucilio. Todas las cosas nos son ajenas, querido Lucilio; solamente es nuestro el tiempo. No aprovecha la comida, ni nutre al cuerpo si se toma y devuelve en seguida. La multitud de libros disipa. Cuando no se pueden leer todos los que se tienen, basta tener los que pueden leerse.

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Return to Book Page. Often these letters come across as highly aphoristic. This flexibility helped Stoicism adapt and fit within all kids of belief systems.

Seneca thus finds a perfect vehicle for his thought in the form of the letter. I will probably read it many times over to let all the wisdom sink in, but this same information could be easily condensed into another book with fewer words, and better editing to appeal to modern day readers.

You will die not because you are sick but because you are alive. Open Preview See a Problem? His letters can also make you laugh. Keeping aside his early life and his forced suicide … Those of this persuasion will be happy to find a forerunner and a sage in Seneca.

If you set a high value on her, everything else must be valued a little. While he was later forced to commit suicide for alleged complicity in the Pisonian conspiracy to assassinate Nero, the last of the Julio-Claudian emperors, he may have been innocent. There is no let-up in the various challenges life throws at us — what we can change is the level of wisdom we bring to facing our challenges. In this way, one can learn that life without riches is actually tolerable, and actually prepare to lose all their riches at once and still retain their happiness.

There are times when even to live is an act of bravery. You note a lot of philosophical commonality. View all 33 comments. Night does not remove our worries; it brings them to the surface. Of the three great Roman letter-writers, for general interest I rate Seneca third behind Pliny the Younger first and Cicero second. I was saying goodbye to a very dear friend who I not only felt that I had come to know intimately over the past weeks, but to someone whose philosophies resonated with my own on various topics, and also at the most fundamental levels.

A great book overall. Cartas A Lucilio : Seneca : By way of example, below are a few Seneca gems along with my brief comments: Yet, when he was freed and free to embrace all the pleasures he had been denied, he cast it all aside and started a Lucioio school. All the time the sunshine was inviting me out, hunger prompting me to eat, the weather threatening to break, but I gulped it all down in one sitting.

Here is Seneca on negative thinking: What I am saying is to take away what is good and take not what is not. You must inevitably either hate caartas imitate the world. One is tempted to consider Seneca a closet Epicurean. The only thing that marks Seneca as ancient is his comparative lack of introspection. Related Articles.


Cartas a Lucílio

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