Kigak Light rain and it flew fantastic over puddles They understand it will take a long time to learn how to fly and know the importance of a good flight training program — methodical and logical. I am debating between 1-servo and 2-servo or does it matter at all. I honestly have been searching the internet for weeks looking for Blade mSR tips. That said, the AS3X gyro system on the mSRX does a very good job at automatically correcting for this and you may not even know it has happened. That is the one I assigned to the Elev switch.

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I have to tell you, I xettings never expected all the information you gave in this book. Terry Arnold — United States. Thanks again for the help Blair. Sign up now to remove ads between posts. This was a great book, just what I needed. Does it mean you get more travel than normal? Stan Hunter — United States. I am debating between 1-servo and 2-servo or does it matter at all. They are both fixed pitch helicopters. Hope this helps you guys.

These are all market driven responses in my opinion as it depends more on the individual than the helicopter at what level you can successfully blae with. I think it is one servo. What they were describing using the airplane mode would work for you. As you mentioned in the book, your viewers had a big part in the many topics that were addressed and I was happy to be one of them.

Best regards, Rune Aagesen — Norway. Good thing I am on holidays next week — once again, thanks! Whether you already own a mSR, mSRX, or SR, or are thinking of getting one these great little birds; this 93 page eBook will help answer many of the common and not so common questions. Again, thanks and best regards — Jeff Houck — United States. The mSR review you did on your website was also of great interest as well.

Friendly personal support should you need it. As I have come to expect from reading the many articles on your web pages, your explanations in the book are so easy to understand and the pictures are a great help.

You settjngs gain a slight edge in performance for one specific area of flight but drastically alter the flight characteristics for the worse in many other areas. Originally Posted by Kevhed You may not post new threads. Sep 22, I liked this little enough to buya DX-7 for it.

All that said; here is a simple modification I have experimented with to my flybar dd7 my mSR. But it is a fixed pitch. It is just using the elevator and the aileron.

Follow along and we will show you how. Page 1 of 2. Scorpion srx, nano qx JR Parkmites x 2. Both these birds will teach you as much about yourself as they will about RC helicopters — perhaps more.

I was a little nervous, but had bldae try it outside. Find More Posts by tea I now I have all four books you have wrote, great work, and I hope you will be continuing this good bllade. The positive post on the circuit board is forward of the negative. I believe e-flite should send it standard dc7 the heli. This is especially useful for practicing nose in hovering where your cyclic controls are reversed. Last edited by copperclad; Sep 06, at Your tips worked and my mSR is hovering mse then it ever has.

Does it have an effect on something else? My RC Helicopter eBooks are here to help you with those exact problems.

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