Description[ edit ] A relatively small book, both in page count and literal size, Camo Specs subtitle: A Guide to Regimental Paint Schemes is essentially a full color guide to a variety of common paint schemes for numerous military units during the late Succession Wars era , for painting BattleTech miniatures. Along with each picture is a short overview and description of both the military unit the paint scheme belongs to as well as the combat unit pictured. Certain references and pieces of information within the text sections suggest that the book is written from a standpoint as the "present" year. All are steeped in tradition, honor, and duty. A single BattleMech can level a city, and can only be opposed by another of its kind.

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Sean Sarna : Who are you? Briefly introduce yourself. It was a Word of Blake Raptor II and I rushed to paint it because the mini had just come out and wanted to display it on the board. Mastergunz: CamoSpecs. We are a dedicated group of artists that comb all available canon sources to make sure what we paint is accurate to what is written. We have even at times been asked to create schemes for new units as they were created by the authors.

Sean: When did you join CamoSpecs? Mastergunz: I joined in after 2 failed submissions; finally made it in on my 3rd attempt. Sean: What was the original idea behind CamoSpecs? The site and what it sought to do was conceptualized and inspired by the old FASA Camo Specs book showing the various paint schemes of the units in the BattleTech universe. Mastergunz: I started playing BattleTech in with the 2nd Edition box set after having played the old MechWarrior computer game.

Sean: And when did you get into miniature BattleTech making? In the beginning I would spend hours on a single piece to get it to tabletop standard. An all-important question. The 9Q is the original zombie. I never got into the Dark Ages Clix Game but do own a ton of the models for kit bashing purposes. And of course I was a backer for the recent Kickstarter from Harebrained Schemes and am super excited for the beta to release.

Mastergunz: Yes. We have been tasked with working on art for almost all of the books released in the last several years, most recently the Combat Manual: Mercenaries book and Alpha Strike. Mastergunz: CamoSpecs is currently a stable of about painters, though only of us are fairly active. You have to remember that this is a purely voluntary group and so we do what we can as real life allows.

Mastergunz: The million dollar question. Well I can say we have been working behind the scenes to keep things going via Facebook , mostly. Since we lost our server host in it has been a task to try and set up something that was as comprehensive and easy to use as the original site.

Again, as a fan run volunteer group the time needed to essentially build a new site from the ground up is prohibitive but we are working on something right now. Feel free to get shamelessly self-promoty : Mastergunz: BattleTech is my first love in miniature wargaming, and so I want to say thanks to all my fellow artist who over the years have pushed me to be better and became very good friends of mine — meeting up at cons and such.

Shameless self plug time! Incredible thanks to Mastergunz for agreeing to sit down with us. Tune in next time for more Community Outreach! Share this:.


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