JoJorisar Some of the higher level pledges get custom dice and a custom dice bag. To ask other readers questions about Arcanum-Atlantean Trilogyplease sign up. Questions about this project? Atlas of the Lost World of Atlantis[3] arcanuk released in Astrologer — my eternal gratitude. It had some editing and typographical errors, some issues zrcanum formatting, and so on.

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Goltikus In other words, it suffered the issues associated with a small group of enthusiasts trying to publish an RPG in the days before desktop publishing. However, one exceptions was made: About Stephan Baard Sechi. It had some editing and typographical errors, some issues with formatting, and so on. I will need to repay that money before interest gets too high.

Jul 26, — Aug 25, 30 days. A new version of The Lexicon, combined with The Bestiary was released as well. Ships to Only certain countries. David Ladage and Jerry D. Atlantis role-playing game Be the first to ask a question about Arcanum-Atlantean Trilogy.

You will also receive a hardcover copy of the finished book. This edition of the game is still in development. Dice bag inside and custom dice. Thus, the time frame is the 30th Anniversary of this RPG classic. A new version of The Lexiconcombined with The Bestiary was released as well. It is now done. Plus, you will receive a PDF copy of the finished book. Arcanym Select this reward. Kevin Walsh rated it it was ok Sep 22, William Wingert added it Nov 23, One of my all-time favorites in the roleplaying field, The Arcanum has been one of my mainstays for a decade and a half of play.

The game is written to function as either a complete game system, a set of optional rules, or a sourcebook on magic and alchemy. However, ZiLA was never able to complete the project and the book remains unreleased. These three books would later be combined into an omnibus wrcanum The Arcanum. I have spoken with Chessex and they can easily get me d6s and d10s with one custom face; the others would require a mold be made. Theo Logos added it Jun arcaunm, As a result, there are many parallels.

You will also receive a softcover copy of the finished book, and a set of custom role-playing dice that use a Pentagram as the highest value of each d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d12, d These will not be available as an add-on. TOP Related Articles.


The Arcanum

The second edition contains a number of edits, plus the inclusion of some new material, including two classes. This edition added one race: the Selkie. ZiLa Games ran a Kickstarter Campaign in for this edition which was successfully funded. However, ZiLA was never able to complete the project and the book remains unreleased. The 30th Anniversary edition was published and is available in pdf and in print.

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The Artwork This game is an amalgam of my most treasured tabletop RPG publications hand-rolled into a, hopefully, cohesive gaming experience. The storyline elements of the game are recorded into this wiki so players can keep track of the people, places and organizations that they encounter in the game. An Urban Campaign This is an "urban campaign" set in a huge and ancient city. The adventures take place almost entirely within the city walls or in the subterranean labyrinth underneath. The player characters are all members of a guild that hires them as messengers, explorers, bodyguards, mercenaries, researchers, specialists, treasure hunters, cartographers, and any other odd job as needed 1. Anyone is welcome to create a character and sign up for a session when it works for them. Even our out-of-town friends may make "guest appearances" in the game.

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