Baofeng now use the brand name Pofung outside of China crazy! Vero Vero Global Communication Co. There are also some "badged" versions of the above available. The team that developed the UV-3R have started a revolution in ham radio. There are now many radios with variations on the "UV" theme. There are numerous versions of the UV-5R.

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Page 2 What warranty is offered? How long does it take to get it from Hong Kong? What is in the UV-3R box? What are the differences between the UV-3R Mk. I, UV-3R Mk. How do I set frequency scan limits?

Can I use the programming cable to remote control UV-3R? Can I update the firmware with the programming cable? VHF second harmonics? All UV-3R Mk. Is and early Mk. See further down in the FAQ for solutions. The most obvious difference between these and the UV-3R MarkI is a dual-frequency display and that it comes with a dual-band antenna, for about 5 USD more. Page 6 The answer to this question depends on too many factors. If not ordered with an express courier and the UV-3R is in stock at the HK seller, it will probably leave Far East within a week from payment.

II and UV-X4 are identical except for the shape of the buttons - they both have a dual display. Early versions of the Mk. Page 8 University for full details. Page 9 LED with a hobby knife to get firm seating. Which dual-band antenna can I buy? The new ones Mark II come with a dual band antenna. Page 10 Repeat for all other channels.

This is why a list is useful. Keep a copy of the channel list with your HT, as there are no channel labels with the Baofeng, such as are found with the Wouxun and other HTs. Page 11 First, get a list of the repeaters or simplex frequencies you wish to program into the Baofeng. Yaesu programming cords will not work, as the connections are different. Page 13 UV-3R, so when reading back the radio on another computer or with the freshly opened software, tags do show up.

Page 14 NB: the change in settings. At the time being nobody knows if alpha tags will come in a future UV-3R version. But it is useful to remember what that freq is for while in the programming file.

The problem with this USB-to-serial bridge component is that there is a lot of confusion around the software drivers required for the Microsoft operating systems. In the Yahoo! Page 18 Kong and arrived in a week.

This comes with a four-wire lead with push-on connectors, so I also had to get a cable with a four-pin 3. Page 19 - this is the port that is hidden until the PL driver is installed; other options for Port are Bluetooth ports on my setup. Page 20 MHz. It is not possible to restrict transmission to HAM allocations only, therefore this little radio might be illegal in your Country. For more information on reprogramming band edges please see message number Page 21 Save function switches off and on the RX circuitry.

You can not. Instead you can write your repeater memories alternating normal and reverse. Page 22 Setting 0 opens the squelch fully, as does pressing and holding the VOL button. Can I use the UV-3R while the charger is connected? Yes you can. But be aware that the charger is a switched-mode type, and this type always emanates RFI. Then finally I wrote all the memories to the radio. Page 24 PCB traces might not be designed for the excess current drain turning the UV-3R into a smoke signals transmitter.

Let alone a much shorter battery life. Remember: one S-point is 6dB; doubling the power just adds 3dB to your output. So with an increase from 2W to 4W you would only gain half an S-unit. Page 25 I cleaned the hole. Is, and some Mk. II trying to change the step-size from the menu in UHF mode does not work. The tuning step-size can only be set from the menu when in VHF mode.

Then applied to a buffer stage and switched to a dedicated amplifying chain, one per band. Each amplifier is composed of a driver and a final. Page 28 How to extend frequency range? The frequency range of the two bands can be extended using the official programming software and the programming cable.

It is a trial and error procedure which might not work on all UV-3R models. Page 29 Now re-open the UV-3R program. Make sure you are opening the same version of which you have edited the settings file, in case you have several installs on your PC.

Page 30 Is there a software maintenance mode? If it is there, nobody has figured out how. My UV-3R just completely reset itself. If the frequency on the display was outside the normal range, e.

Page 31 7 At this point my grid filled in the Channel 1 with a rx Freq of Its been that way for a week looking for a solution! Page 32 Clicked on Ok and program began reading from radio. Page 33 Rules vary by country. Fines could be very stiff. Page 34 Given the small size and low cost of these HTs, this is certainly worth considering as one of your emergency communications devices.

In some jurisdictions, mere possession without a ham license may be illegal. Page 35 For more routine communications, you should have other devices which can be legally operated by all members of your party. Page 36 FAQ.


Baofeng UV-3R User Manual



UV-3R 2M/70cm 2W Hand Held


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