Ensuring quality is of utmost importance. Nissan has created an evaluation system for new suppliers. A strong partnership must be based on mutual trust and respect and one where both partners move forward together. These strict quality evaluations are performed by specially-trained evaluators who have been legitimately certified. Through the implementation of these quality systems, Nissan is able to ensure the consistent quality of its sourced components.

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Product design engineers, product development professionals, quality engineers. Advanced Product Quality Planning , or APQP for short, creates a roadmap for developing new products complete with time-based milestones and decision points along the way.

A major objective of APQP is to provide a vehicle for suppliers and customers to work together when developing a new product. This helps assure that the product is delivered on time and with the highest added-value. APQP has five formal phases. Each phase is connected to and triggers the next. It represents a continuum in which each phase builds upon the next. Throughout the training there are exercises and upon completion of the content, learners complete the Fundamentals of APQP Challenge that tests their understanding of the material.

We also offer an Overview of APQP course for managers and personnel responsible to overseeing departments responsible for conducting APQPs but who are not intimately involved in conducting them. Create a Design Verification Plan and Report. Describe the Production Part Approval Process. Recommended Prerequisites Mistake-Proofing or Error-Proofing or the equivalent understanding of the difference between fixing problems after they happen and preventing problems from happening in the first place.

Advanced SPC Training — Comprehensive training in how to implement statistical process control including setting up control charts and conducting process capability studies.

Measurement Systems Analysis — Comprehensive training in how to statistically measure the accuracy and reliability of measurement systems. The output of this phase defines specifically what product will be studied. After the design is verified, a prototype is built, specifications developed and inputs for the process design are generated.

Major outcomes include development of the process flow and layout. The output product from the production run is used to evaluate the measurement system and check the process capability.

Control charts can be used to identify special causes of variation, capability studies and the use of design of experiments can help reduce common cause variation. Develop a comprehensive Control Plan. Describe the five phases of the APQP process. List the steps necessary to prepare for an APQP effort. Be familiar with a Design Verification Plan and Report. Understand how Engineering Change Requests generate vital documentation.

Be familiar with a Team Feasibility Checklist to conclude Phase 2. Select appropriate flowcharting and process mapping techniques to aid in design of the process. Be familiar with a Characteristics Matrix to plot the relationship between product parameters and operational steps of the process. Know the importance of Measurement System Analyses and a Preliminary Process Capability studies in evaluating the process and product output.

Be familiar with the Production Part Approval Process. Know about tools and techniques that are used to continuously improve both the product its corresponding process. Powerful learning management and administration. Media-rich presentation enhances the training. Exercises reinforce concepts and keep learners engaged. Solid technical content developed by experts. Learners progress through the training at their own pace. Bookmarking so learners can start and stop the training as time allows.

Certificate of Completion that can be easily printed or saved. CEUs awarded to fulfill continuing education requirements.


Fundamentals of APQP Training



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