Who is Angron? Do you like this video? Russ kept his kin-friends. The Lion kept Luther. Humans - brothers and foster fathers - saved and raised into Legion ranks.

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Who is Angron? Do you like this video? Russ kept his kin-friends. The Lion kept Luther. Humans - brothers and foster fathers - saved and raised into Legion ranks. But not me. Not Angron, no. Did the Emperor teleport his gold-wrapped Custodians down to help me and my army? Did he free the War Hounds and order them to battle, fight alongside me?

The way he honoured Kor Phaeron? No, no and no. No mercy for Angron. Angron the Oathbreaker. Angron the Betrayer. He was the most bloody-handed and savage of the Primarchs. When Horus began his rebellion against the Emperor , Angron was quick to join in his treachery because of his long-lasting grudge against the Master of Mankind, but his only true master was the rage and bloodlust within him.

He was most recently banished to the Warp after he unleashed the First War of Armageddon upon the Imperium of Man in M41, though since the opening of the Great Rift in the Era Indomitus , rumours have swirled that he is active once more in realspace.

Contents History Descent of the Red Angel Kept within the deepest dungeon of the Library Sanctus on Terra is a tome known as the Liber Malum, whose bloodstained pages record the fate of those who have trod the path to damnation. To even mention its name is to risk madness. Many are the blasphemous Heretics and tyrants whose names sully the pages with their treacheries, but foremost amongst these damned souls is Angron, the Primarch of the traitorous World Eaters Space Marine Legion.

Much of the legend of Angron is incomplete, and there is much that is not known or remains so shrouded in dark legend that the true facts are impossible to discern. A very great deal about the life story of the Daemon Primarch Angron remains unknown to the wider Imperial record. How Angron came to be separated from the Emperor so soon after his creation and the name of the planet he eventually came to call home was removed from the Imperial record.

Indeed where this planet was or even if it still exists is often uncertain to the Imperial savants of the present time. There is in fact evidence that this information, including the true name of the world he was found upon was known but was kept deliberately secret by command of the Emperor and those close to Him.

After Angron came to be separated from the Emperor and Terra by the mysterious machinations of the Ruinous Powers he was deposited through the Warp on the world of Nuceria. Where this planet is located in the galaxy or if it even still exists is uncertain, though most signs seem to point to somewhere in the Ultima Segmentum.

To distract the populace from their poverty, the oligarchic rulers of Nuceria held regular gladiatorial deathmatches in massive arenas, using cybernetically -enhanced gladiators who battled to satisfy the endless bloodlust of the oppressed people. It was on this world that the Primarch Angron was eventually discovered, though little else about the circumstances of how he came to be there remains known. History does not record what species these aliens belonged to, but many Imperial scholars believe them to have been Aeldari who attempted to kill the Primarch, due to some psychic foreknowledge of the plague upon the galaxy he would one day become.

The young Angron had been badly wounded in the combat, but remained alive. Still a frightened young child, he was subsequently dumped into a pit consisting of a single ziggurat with hundreds of other slaves.

The young Primarch quickly grew to a formidable size, and was forced to take part in the gladiatorial games of Nuceria. He proved to be a troublesome champion, prone to escape attempts whenever he saw an occasion, but such efforts always failed. During this time, Angron was mentored by an older gladiator named Oenomaus, who formed a deep bond with the younger gladiator and became somewhat of a father-figure to the impressionable warrior. Their momentous victory, however, proved short-lived as the High-Riders demanded that the two gladiators fight one another in a duel to the death.

The fiery Angron refused and openly insulted his Nucerian masters. The Nails rewarded rage with spurts of electrochemical pleasure, tingling synapses and deadening enjoyment of everything else.

No better machine for slaughter had ever been contrived by the minds of men. Following the successful surgery, Angron was loosed upon Oenomaus and tore apart his friend in a blind, berserk frenzy. Upon regaining his senses, Angron realised the horrible transgression he had committed against his mentor, and was driven to such depths of despair that it was said that he unleashed a bestial howl that lasted for several solar days.

The death of Oenomaus proved to be too much for Angron to bear, and he swore that one day, he would make good his escape and make all the High-Riders pay dearly.

Under his training, the gladiators of his arena soon became the greatest their world had ever seen and none could stand against them. Yet Angron also learned, following a final failed escape attempt, that he would never succeed alone. For these new games, Angron was allowed to stage a vast combat that would involve every gladiator of his arena. But attrition and hunger slowly took their toll on the slaves and eventually only 1, men and women remained, half the size of the original force of escapees.

Not even a Primarch could stand against such sheer numbers, yet it was at this time that the Emperor of Mankind came to Nuceria, drawn by the psychic emanations of his gene-son the Primarch. The Emperor had observed Angron secretly from orbit for many solar months and had watched with pride as he had led his freed slaves in battle against the forces of tyranny.

Losing one of His irreplaceable sons to the assault of rabble on a backwater planet soon to be brought into Imperial Compliance was simply unacceptable. Angron watched helplessly from orbit as his brothers and sisters were quickly annihilated. Sensing his uncontrolled rage, the Custodians surrounded Angron, their Guardian Spears pointed menacingly at the smoldering Primarch.

Angron angrily asked his father why He had not intervened to save the lives of his comrades on the planet below, but the Emperor dismissed the question as lacking vision. He was the Emperor of Mankind, and He possessed a much grandeur vision for Human life such as reuniting the galaxy on behalf of all Humanity.

He had little concern for a small group of former slaves battling a group of petty tyrants on a backwater world. The Emperor expressed His hope that in time, Angron would come to understand His actions and why He had done what He did. Angron replied that he had been meant to die alongside his comrades on Nuceria, and now only a ghost remained. The Emperor replied that a ghost would suffice for what he had planned for his son.

For some time any War Hound of his Legion who came before their Primarch was met with a grisly death for their efforts. At this time the Legion Master of the War Hounds, Ibram Ghreer , a respected leader who had commanded the XIIth Legion for nearly three solar decades, disappeared without explanation from any records of the period and no explanation was given by his taciturn Legion for his absence. Angron did this in part to honour the gladiator force he had led in rebellion on his homeworld whose warriors had been known as the "Eaters of Cities" for their wrath and violence.

During the course of the Great Crusade , Angron and the World Eaters reaped many victories, although some criticised the extreme and bloodthirsty tactics the Red Angel used to ensure the destruction of his opponents. The implants also impinged on higher brain function by rewriting emotional responses.

Vel-Kheredar did not know how long it would take the Nails to kill the Primarch based on the little data available but he made an educated estimate. The archmagos reported these findings to the Emperor, and soon received a marked and sealed scroll with the Palatine Aquila upon it, handed to him by the Sigillite himself.

He ordered the archmagos to sequester his findings and to remain silent about what he had discovered. At this time, the XIIth Legion was in terrible shape, as they had been one of the last of the Legiones Astartes to find their gene-sire. It was bad enough that they were burdened with the only Primarch to fail in conquering his homeworld. Land had gained previous experience with this archeotech device, known as a Cruciamen, during his expedition into the Hexarchion Vaults on Mars.

The lore that had been contained within had represented a moral threat to Mankind, including knowledge that would allow a potential perversion of Human cognition. All else was either dulled to nothingness or rewired to inspire a supreme degree of agony.

Because of these neurological changes, everything caused the Primarch pain. Even breathing. The only respite Angron had was in the pleasure he now received from the neurotransmitters which carried anger and aggression. Land inquired of the Emperor whether he could remove the device from Angron, and the Master of Mankind replied that it was possible. Since the Primarch was thus still able to lead warriors in combat, the Emperor decided that He would return Angron to his Legion.

Transformation "Monuments are dust, tales merely words, soon forgotten, but blood — blood is forever. After his return from Terra he swiftly worked many changes on his forces. Instead he was given license to simply take charge of his host. With his usual bellicose energy, Angron prepared it for war. Conflict became the only measure and the only judge, and training beyond its most basic elements was as real as any war or battle a World Eaters Astartes would find themselves in.

Each warrior soon bore scars by which to count the lessons learned amid heat and the bitter volcanic sands, and those that failed did not live long enough to try again.

But the drawbacks were that the implants and the such surgical procedures required to place them in the brain left the individual devoid of joy or peace save for that found in battle, just like their Primarch. At one point, Angron simply abandoned his Legion after hijacking a frigate, and disappeared without a trace. Here, Angron lived like a savage, seeking a foe that would put him out of his misery. This argument finally convinced Angron to re-join his Legion with the promise that he would try to lead the World Eaters in such a way that they would shed their weakness.

With this legend came dark tales of atrocity and wanton destruction that froze the blood of even hardened Imperial Commanders and caused concern even at the level of the Imperial War Council and the other Primarchs.

Guilliman had seen the ramp of World Eaters corpses that had been used to finally mount a breach in the mighty fortress and the vengeful horror the Space Marines had wrought within and been sickened. Angron soon earned the nickname the "Red Angel" for the bloody atrocities committed across the width and breadth of the galaxy.

Of all his titles, given in glory or earned in infamy, Angron most despised being named the "Red Angel. For all his flaws, he was his own man, and took pride in that above all else. Though Angron loathed this particular epithet, it later proved among his most fitting titles. Decimation Despite the tally of victories garnered by this brutal Space Marine Legion, it came at a dire cost. Most infamously, Angron ordered his warriors to conquer a targeted world within 31 solar hours -- the length of a single Nucerian local day -- and the time in which it took Angron to score his greatest victory upon his former homeworld.

Despite their best efforts, the World Eaters consistently failed to subjugate worlds within this set time limit. Each time they failed, they were ordered by their gene-sire to undergo the barbaric punishment known as decimation, forcing 1 out of every 10 World Eaters to be killed by 9 other Battle-Brothers in his unit.

This brutal punishment proved to be too much to bear for one Veteran World Eaters officer, and matters quickly came to a head during the campaign known as the Second Compliance of Ghenna. Ghenna Massacre Ghenna was an isolated Human world that had endured many of the horrors of Old Night.

Its society was fairly technically advanced, but unfortunately, its population was overcome with genetic diseases.


Angron & Horus rules

Early Life[ edit ] Angron has good reason to be ever-so-slightly miffed: his early life was one big bowl of shit after another. A later retcon revealed he was a decent guy who loved his fellow gladiators, but after an incident where he refused to kill his adoptive father in the arenas, his masters proceeded to replace part of his brain with ARCHAEOTECH SHIT originally this happened before he fully grew up that drove him so mad that he murdered his dad regardless, cueing a massive bout of despair. It should also be noted that they go from excruciating to normal, and do not deal with the pleasure centers of the brain. After years of being a slave, fighting through the gladiator pits and becoming the best of them, Angron eventually set up and led a rebellion, fighting to free his brother and sister gladiators.


Horus Heresy News: Angron and Horus Rules!

The hierophant also has some pretty sick regen himself. Way too survivable for the points, and still an obscenely powerful beatstick and army wide buffing machine for the cost. Not to mention the overpowered nature of no scatter deepstrike army wide or nearly anyways. This either needs a hefty price tag increase, or significantly reduce its army wide buffing and survivability. Oh, and TheSaint, remember that being able to die does not make it balanced. This is a weird line of thought many people have when they try and justify their creations on this board.

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