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If you must change the injector operator, be certain that the second operator verifies that the syringe is properly filled and that any air is eliminated. Tilt the injector head or the syringe interface module up. Advance the plunger to full forward position. Remove the protective cover from the syringe luer tip and attach a sterile filling device onto the tip of the syringe.

Fill straw, or spike. Transfer the contrast media into the syringe by one of following methods: Fill Straw: raise the contrast bottle until the Fill Straw is fully inserted. The end of the Fill Straw should be near the bottom of the contrast bottle. Push the bottle or bag onto the Filling Device until the seal is punctured. NOTE: Use Fill Straw or equivalent device to reduce the volume and size of air bubbles drawn into the syringe during filling.

It is more difficult to remove the air bubbles if you use smaller diameter tubes, such as catheter-over-needle, or a tube longer than 10 in. Aspirate contrast media into the syringe.

If the syringe has dot indicators use them to help you detect the presence of contrast media in the syringe. Verify that the Syringe disposable dot indicators are round in the filled portion of the syringe. The rounded shape of the dot indicators varies according to the type of contrast media, but an oblong shape indicates the presence of air. Rounded dot indicators do not indicate the total absence of air bubbles in the syringe tip.

To do so: Remove the filling device and expel air from the syringe. Do not hit the syringe to remove air bubbles. Reverse the plunger 3 to 5 ml, then, if applicable, rock the injector head on the pivot to dislodge the bubbles. Expel the remaining air. If you are using a Y low pressure connector tubing, attach shorter side of the Y to the contrast syringe and the longer side of the Y to the saline syringe.

Do not reverse the piston plunger after you have attached the tubing. Verify that the tubing is not kinked or obstructed. If your injector does not have a manual knob, proceed to Step 6. Use the manual knob to advance the syringe plunger to provide Prime the connector tubing and make certain that the air is expelled. Verify that all the air has been expelled from the syringe and fluid path. Attach the connector tube to the vascular entry device.

Tilt the injector head or syringe interface module down. Removing the Syringe To detach the syringe when the procedure has been completed, Remove it from the injector head. Discard all used components. Check the integrity of each primary package before use! Confirm syringe model and injector model compatibility per Table 1 above. Remove the syringe from the package. Attach the syringe to the injector according to the injector instructions for use. Use the injector to push the piston of the syringe to the front of the barrel.

Remove the sheath from the conical fitting. Draw the required contrast media or saline into the syringe at the lowest speed of the injector to prevent air leakage. Do not reuse! Remove the protective cap from the conical fitting of the high pressure tube. Attach the tube to the syringe. Attach the I. Expel the air in the catheter and tube. Inject the contrast media or saline in accordance with the instruction for use of the injector.

After the injection, disconnect the I. Remove the syringe from the injector. Discard the syringe, tube and catheter immediately per hospital or local regulations.

ITR V AY 2013-14 PDF

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