Arashura Anya is on a space station when a torpedo looking thing is coming straight at them. Kind of a new one for me and not one I enjoyed till the ending. Laroth rated it liked it Mar 03, To ask other readers questions about Legionplease sign up. Angelique Anjou It looks like a short preview: She was lost long before she discovered hed lied to her even as he seduced her. It felt like I was reading a prologue rather than a short story.

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It is an unnerving sensation, and yet oddly pleasant at the same time, for there is an aura of magnetism surrounding her that causes one to imagine a soft golden glow about her. She stands as tall as a man yet is in all ways quite obviously female. With a soft melodious voice. Hailing from the same timeline as Maegan of Mandari an alternate future during a time when a great calamity has befallen humanity, and the survivors of that storm were forced to crawl back out from the midst of the ruins.

Not surprisingly the Kristophoros faith survived in a somewhat mutated form, and isolated pockets of civilization forced the survivors to band together much as humanity did during the previous dark ages.

Angel grew up in the countryside of Anjou. She was orphaned at seven when her old man a woodsman kicked the bucket, so she wound up spending the formative years of her life in a catholic-style monastery, raised by a kindly nun who inspired her to develop her talents as a scholar.

Unfortunately the old nun died when she was twelve and was replaced by a dried up old prune who ran the place as a tyrant, and when Angel came of age she found herself being attracted to a fellow student. Not to make too long a story of it, she was discovered making out with that other girl. They were both were taken outdoors and publicly humiliated by the nun, who then had them bound to a post so that they could be flagellated before the eyes of the others.

While Angel was able to endure this the other girl broke down and confessed to their sin and begged the nun for mercy. She thus was spared Angel agony. Angel refused to recant her acts as a sin, and the nun tried to lock her away in her cell as punishment, but she escaped with the help of others.

As she grew up in the woods she was able to live as a hermit among thee wonderments of nature. Until she fell into the clutches of some local bandits. They tortured her with threat of rape and worse if she did not tell their leader what he wished to know, and as it happened to turn out they had their eyes upon the nunnery, having heard rumors of fabulous riches contained within their vaults, most especially a cross of inlaid gold that was said to be worth a considerable fortune.

Alone, afraid and quite out of my wits with fear Angel did not think that what she told them would be all that important but the next thing that she knew the majority of the men were away and she was left to be guarded by a disgruntled sort who thought himself ill favored doing guard duty.

While horrified at her actions some warning instinct cautioned Angel that she needed to get moving. She could do little directly other than to pray for the welfare of her sisters, but when the bandits raided the Sanctum a most amazing thing occurred. The cross flared to life and seared the flesh of the bandits rude enough to lay hands upon its golden surface. The rest of those rude men went into a blind panic and in their madness murdered the nun, but all this served to do was to awaken the wrath of a spirit of vengeance, and as a terrible apparition took form Angel saw the face of an angel descend and drive away the rest of the bad men.

Many nuns fled in terror as well, but Angel stayed on to behold the living face of the Goddess, and in that moment I knew without question that she was her mother. Rhiannon put her straight on the matter of who was good and evil. Angel then grew up for a time in an elvish wood unlearning what the Nuns had tried to teach her about sin and holy justice, and she came away from that a born-again pagan.

After that she joined the Temuvarai and learned from their ways how to transform her faith into an instrument of holy justice. Angel resided amongst them for nearly forty years and grew strong in the ways of God, yet always the quest drove me on, to find those who are in need of her protection and to right the wrongs that oppress them.

In this way she does honor to the memory of my beloved Abbess, and fulfill the promise that God herself saw within her. Alas, a mission she undertook stranded her here in this time without means of returning to her proper era, but she has managed to adjust and has taken up service in the case of those forces that do fight to prevent her future from becoming an inevitability. History Edit Angel has only been working for Delphi for a short time so when Frank called her and asked that she work with Trudy Wells as a special operative.

She quickly made her way to Nerima. She came across Lenore, Chloe Kiima who were escorting Ryonami. Lenore froze in disbelief leaving Kiima to ask Angel what she was doing in Japan. When she explained that she was on mission at the request of Frank and asked where the Tendo dojo was. Ryonami who found herself unaccountable stricken with awe at the gentle-mannered foreigner found her voice.

Making her way to a gas station she came across two female students who she informed that she was the new head nurse. As the cycle was refueling Adonai called her out for flirting with two teenagers, but she just cheerfully dismissed him because they were old enough. She arrived at the school just as Choy was offering Takaharis a job.

Sensing each others outworldly nature the two of them sized each other up in silent approbation. However Angeliques veiled hostility quickly vanished and Takaharis realized she made a spot decision and evaluation that turned up positive results when greeted her with a look of pure benevolence that banished away the unease that had formerly gripped the Erinyes.

By this point the Vice Principal managed to regain some composure and everyone introduced themselves. This close up the scent of heaven on Angel was unmistakable to Takaharis, and indeed this blonde haired beauty was well named to fit her station as Takaharis knew just a little too much on the subject of Angels for her own liking. Takaharis should have hated Angel but her smile turned it all around and left the question open on what they might well be towards one another. Vice Principle Choy was only dimly aware that his presence was suddenly being ignored by the two lovely women standing next to him, but he was uncertain enough about the nature of such things since he was used to beautiful women ignoring him.

So to reassert his position in these affairs as well as to finish things before Principle Kuno found out he had the two registered and given their duty assignments. After everything was complete Vice Principal Choy escorted both ladies to the front doors of the building while reminding them to show up the next morning so that he could give them the standard briefing and introduce them to the rest of the family.

The two were left alone together. Takaharis was not an easy person to put off guard by first impressions, but she was thrown quite off her guard as she turned to regard this curious demi-human then asked bluntly who she was and what she was doing there.

Angel answered by revealing that she fully knew what Takaharis was, but could sense that she had a good heart. The openly flirtatious manner of the blonde biker was such that Takaharis felt her pulse quicken as she could not help admiring both the beauty and spirit of the being that was before her, but still she had enough self-control to ask how Angel knew so much about her.

Angelique answered by moving closer intensifying the sensual effect created by her very presence. While intrigued Takaharis tried to dissuade Angel telling her that she might not like the real her. If anything it was the fulfillment of her own spontaneous desires, to say nothing of a thrill that sent shivers down her spine as the aura of the stranger met and blended in with her own, creating a kind of electrostatic tension that set their skin to tingling and all other senses to a state of complete arousal.

When their mouths parted briefly Takaharis invited Angel to stay the night with her. Angel was about to agree when Pantyhose Taro ran by them with Ranma in hot pursuit behind him. Not knowing what was going on but seeing as how Taro was carrying a pregnant Nabiki Angelique hopped on her raced after them. Promising Takaharis that she would return once matters were settled.

She came across Kasumi as she was bringing Ranma back to health. Seeing that they needed help she stopped and introduced herself in her usual way. Kasumi did not know how to respond to such flattery, nor could she quite comprehend the strange fluttering she feltalbeit brieflyof her heart as her own crimson eyes met the blue sparkle in this gentle-mannered stranger.

However before the conversation could go any further Angel remembered that she was chasing a monster. So after apologizing she sealed up her visor once again and started up the engine to her motorcycle, and then she sped away towards the carnival, leaving Kasumi to stare in mild amazement. It was only a few seconds later that it dawned on her that this strangerin her own peculiar wayspoke and acted quite a lot like a foreign version of Tatewaki Kuno. Angel lost track of Taro when he reverted back to his human form and she could no longer find signs of a rampaging beast.

Even Adonai could no longer find signs of the minotaur. With no other recourse she called upon her divine powers to guide her hand to Nabiki. Before she could start her spell Takaharis caught up with her.

Angel pulled out her sword and for a second Takaharis half dreaded that the thing would be turned her way, but Angel just needed for her spell. Angel sensing the good in Erinyes asked her to show her true form. Despite her natural caution Takaharis complied. Takaharis threw both arms around the waist of the other girl as Angelique gunned her engine and popped a wheelie, speeding off at such great velocity that the exiled Erinyes was shortly to discover a new definition for pure terror.

Takaharis was barely even aware that the motorcycle had come to an abrupt halt save for the fact that they were no longer bouncing up and down over the uneven tarmac. Angel assured the scared Erinyes that the monster was near so there ride would soon be over. Thanking the other woman Takaharis still decided to walk as Angel could move much faster without her.

As Angel woman closed her visor and headed off once again at a breakneck speed that seemed worthy of such designation. Takaharis shifted to her true form and beat leathery wings to gain altitude so that she could follow this Angelique in a more leisurely manner, all the while wondering why she was following her.

When Angel arrived at the battle field Taro had grown tired of the sight of yet another crazy entering this never-ending fray. So when Angel pulled her sword from concealment and moved at once to threaten Taro he lunged forward to quickly deal with her. However she moved even faster than he was prepared for, her sword scraping the ground and kicking up a storm of rock, dirt and gravel that pelted him like a shotgun blast, and then she was upon him with her sword blazing a lightning-swift series of strokes that caused him to stagger backwards, not immediately in pain though a few seconds later the sting of numerous cuts and bruises made him aware that even his tough hide was vulnerable to being sliced into ribbons.

The fight was over in practically no time at all. Taro had belatedly attempted to lead his opponent into one of the remaining snare traps that he had set in these woods a few days before, but the blonde uncannily seemed to sense the threat and avoided it as though some little birdie in her ear had warned her of its presence. The effort cost Taro what was left of his flagging reserves, and he stumbled and fell backwards Only to be stopped by Happosai who popping up almost miraculously before the enraged paladin, having taken the time to unzip her aluminum suite so that his tiny hands could have ready access to "the goodies.

It took but a few moments before the blonde managed to liberate herself from her unwanted attachment, but then she took the time zipping her suit back up rather than immediately charge after the little man, which was just time enough for Happosai to change Taro back. After Happosai explained Jusenkyo to her Angel realized her mistake and lowered her blade. By this point Frank and Trudy had caught up as well. Pegging Angel and Trudy as working for him Guile was immediate sympathetic when Frank informed him that they were freelancers.

Everyone was about to force Taro to tell them what he did with Nabiki when he suddenly got to his feet and before anyone could stop him he activate his curse again. Angelique raised her sword while the others assumed immediate fighting crouches, but only Trudy remained where she was, directly in the path between the monster and Happosai.

At a glance she appeared to be no more than a slender obstacle easily removed from his approach towards his dreaded master, but all at once Trudy moved and then stepped away As the others were stunned that that Trudy was able to take Taro out in one move. With that out of the way Happosai led everyone to the cave Taro stashed Nabiki. Upon hearing that she had gone into labor Angel, Frank and Keiko ran off ahead. While Guile and Trudy helped free Trudy and Chloe whose faces were barely above the level of the mud as well as the others.

When they arrived the baby had been born stillborn. Angelique worked her way past the mutually astonished elementals, surprising both Ranma and Kaneda with her assertiveness while earning a lifted eyebrowed glance from Cologne.

Without preamble or hesitation the blonde knelt down before the spread legs of the mother and extended her hands as though to feel her from a distance, and when Kaneda and Ranma tried to protest her intrusion they suddenly found the redheaded Trudy standing in their paths with palms extended outward. Though the baby was born lifeless Angel was able to use her abilities to save him.

Ranma was beyond speech, and Kaneda was beside himself with worry, awe and confusion. Siren was raising both eyebrows as she gazed upon both the blonde and, and drawing from this some rather interesting conclusions.


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